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Following the huge success of Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective, Oh Ji-Ho is back to star in this blockbuster paranormal series, as a detective with supernatural powers. Together with Han Na-Young (acted by SECRET’s Jun Hyo-Sung), a young high school student girl who also happens to be a ghost, Yoon Cheo-Yong (acted by Oh Ji-Ho) uses his supernatural abilities to solve mysterious cases.

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(x)clusive managed to clinch an e-mail interview with Oh Ji-Ho, where the actor shared his views on filming Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective, thoughts on working with Jun Hyo-Sung and reasons why you should catch the drama!

Read on to find out more:

Q: How similar or different are you from your character in Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective?

OJH: Unlike my character, I would not fancy seeing ghosts all the time. It would be too tiring, wouldn’t it?

Q: Did you encounter any paranormal activities while filming the drama?

OJH: None thankfully.

Q: Which is your favourite scene thus far while filming the drama?

OJH: The action scenes are more breath-taking. Season 2 is packed with Kali Arnis and Silat combat skills, which are getting more exposure in recent movies. It’s the first time that I’ve tried out this form of martial arts so I had to spend a lot of time practising before shooting the scenes. Those are perhaps my favourite.

Q: What are your thoughts of your co-star Jun Hyo-Sung and how is she like while filming?

OJH: I have been working with her since the first season so it was easy the second time round and we were always happy on set. She’s very natural on screen and did a pretty good job.

Q: How is Cheo Yong different from other dramas you’ve filmed? And challenges you’ve faced while immersing in the role?

OJH: The ghosts in the TV drama are all made by CG and thus, it was a bit difficult for me in the beginning since they did not exist at all and I had to imagine that they were there and interact with them. The action scenes were exhausting too.

Q: Give us three reasons why everyone should watch Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective.

OJH: Here are five! One, I’m in the drama. Two, it’s a new genre of TV drama. Thirdly, action scenes are captivating. Four, the chemistry between the characters/actors. And give, it’s an interesting TV drama.

Q: Would we be seeing you in Singapore soon – be it for a fanmeet/meet-and-greet or drama/movie promotions?

OJH: I have no concrete plans at the moment but hopefully in the near future!

Q: Your impression of Singapore/ Singapore fans. A message to (x)clusive readers.

OJH: The weather is nice and the people are friendly. I think it would be an ideal destination for a holiday. Please support me and catch Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective. I hope to see you in Singapore soon and I love you all.



Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective will air first exclusively on Thrill (StarHub Cable TV CH618, Singtel TV CH415) on 10th December 2015 (Thursday), 10PM.

Do show Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective lots of support and you may get to see charismatic actor Oh Ji-Ho in Singapore for a meet-and-greet session soon.

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