(x)clusive!: An Epic Night With Epik High At Skechers Sundown Festival

Since the first time it was organised seven years ago, the Sundown Festival has been known to feature popular Asian acts from around the region. And for this year, the headline acts consisted of Thailand’s Potato, Japan’s INKT, Singapore’s Caracal, Indonesia’s J-Rocks and of course, Korea’s Epik High.

Sundown Festival 2015
Text By: Yawen | Photos/Edited By: Elizabeth

The other fringe acts featured during this annual music festival included special guests Ground Zero from Taiwan, as well as up-and-coming artistes from Singapore – Cheryl Loon, Cashew Chemists and Farrago.

The highly anticipated group of the night, Epik High opened their stage with their latest hit – Born Hater. It seemed like the crowd was not one bit affected by the drizzle that unfortunately appeared right before the group came on. The nonstop cheers from the audience were deafening, they also definitely managed to show their love for Epik High by singing along out loudly.

IMG_1273 copyThere was no MC nor translator needed for the Korean group thanks to Tablo’s proficiency in English. When it was time for the introductions of each member, they waltzed around the stage playfully to grand and overly dramatic music in the background. Mithra Jin’s intro music was the iconic Star Wars theme song – courtesy of DJ Tukutz, causing fans burst out in laughter at the group.

IMG_1326 copyTablo also performed his version of label mate Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips, in which he wrote the lyrics to the entire song himself in English, remixed by DJ Tukutz.

IMG_2158 copy

IMG_2548 copy

The group mentioned about the humid weather here in Singapore before they proceeded to do the fans a favour by spraying water from their bottles to the crowd. This could slowly become a signature segment at Epik High’s concerts – prepare your ponchos if you prefer not to get wet next time!

IMG_2708 copy

Tablo also asked if the fans will be there if Epik High were to come back for a concert. We shall stay tuned for their good news!

IMG_2538 copy

During the performance of all-time favourite One and Fan, members were seen dancing on their own, inviting even louder screams from the crowd. I mean, we don’t usually get to see already-married Korean artistes happily dancing onstage, so thank you Epik High for the extremely good effort!

IMG_2502 copy IMG_2573 copy IMG_2745 copy

Of course, the fans wanted more so the group returned with a final encore song – Don’t Hate Me. The song brought the house down as they never stopped asking for the fans to get on their feet and jump to the music. It was an awesome finale to Epik High’s epic performances and also to the night of SKECHERS Sundown Festival.

IMG_2842 copy

A big thank you to Red Spade Entertainment for extending the event invite to (x)clusive.

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