(x)clusive!: Kang Ha Neul’s Great Fanservice at Korean Film Festival Meet-and-Greet

Photos By: Elizabeth

Korean heartthrob Kang Ha Neul continues to warm fans’ hearts at the Meet-and-Greet Session at the Korean Film Festival for his first trip to our sunny island. Over hundred lucky fans got to snap a group photo with the dashing actor, before joining him in the cinemas to catch the movie ‘Twenty’, which he starred in alongside Kim Woobin and Lee Junho (2PM).

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Once again, Kang Ha Neul showed his down-to-Earth personality as he greets his fans with bright laughter, consistently asking his shy fans to ‘move closer’ for a good shot, and even complied to daring fans’ request to snag a quick selfie. Not only that, the said star even waited for one last round of photo-taking with fans who turned up late- a rare act, we noted, considering how similar cases usually ends up with the chance being forfeited. Showing his trademark ‘v’-sign at the the photo-taking session, the actor kindly swapped over to a shy, double mini-hearts pose for the media, and the shutter sounds nearly covered his full laugh.

IMG_7493 copy

Following suit, he also made a short intro ment prior to the start of the movie screening, where he states that “Twenty is a movie that gave lots of laughter to the audience in Korea”, and hoped the Singapore audience would enjoy it as well. Judging from the bouts of laughter ringing in the theater, we sure think they do!

IMG_7143 copyMany thanks to Korean Film Festival for extending the media invitation.


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