(x)clusive!: Kang Ha Neul Brings Hearty Laughter to 1st Showcase in Singapore

Photos By: Germx

Dashing actor Kang Ha Neul greeted his Singaporean fans at Plaza Singapura last month for his first showcase on our sunny island. The actor also appeared for a short meet-and-greet session during the screening of Twenty at the Korea Film Festival (KFF) 2015, the movie he starred alongside Kim Woo Bin and Lee Junho of 2PM.

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Not only did he treat his fans to a live performance of ‘Three Things I Have Left’, the well-mannered actor also interacted with lucky fans in a prolonged games session, and held a Q&A with the media. Read on to learn more about Kang Ha Neul’s passion for acting and amazingly fun personality that got us squealing like fangirls and laughing at the same time!

For the game segment, Kang Ha Neul handpicked a total of five fans to go on stage for the Song Charades. Fans will attempt to sing the Korean songs for the actor to guess, ranging from a series of old school classics to mainstream hits. Needless to say, the wrong guesses and cover-up attempts from the star as he tried to answer with the help of his fans had us bowing over in stitches. The nervous Kang Ha Neul getting swayed by the MC’s repetitive ‘are you sure?’ comments resulted in a series of funny wrong answers, such as ‘Haengbok’ sung by Dong Bang Shin Ki (correct answer being H.O.T) and ‘Candy’ by Sechkies (which he hurriedly changed to H.O.T after realising his mistake). Kang Ha Neul also apologized when he forgot F(x)’s ‘NU ABO‘ and calling it ‘Mystery’ due to its catchy chorus, but also scored a few hits like Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips‘.

We also noted his seemingly preferences for hip hop, as he mostly choose the likes of Big Bang, 2NE1 and Sechkies when he’s flustered or unsure of an answer, and we also adored his little squint whenever the MC successfully tricked him into giving the wrong answer. What caught our attention was his sneaky attempt to bypass the MC whenever the fans sang the correct title instead of the part played by putting on a stuttering act, as if he had just conceived the answer in his mind. The kind actor wrapped up the games section with a hearty laugh, and ended up taking photos with all contestants, applaudin them for their effort. The top-notch fanservice completed with handshakes and warm hugs had the crowd screaming – and we certainly could not help but coo over how nice he was.


In the Q&A session, Kang Ha Neul shared that Singapore was a clean and neat country, and he was pleasantly overwhelmed by the love and support given to him by local fans. The actor also mentioned that he wishes to focus fully on acting instead of branching out into a musical career, though he is open to singing options as a by-product of his acting, such as OSTs. When it comes to drawing experiences in real life, Kang Ha Neul commented that it wasn’t that much of a conscious effort to practice acting, seeing how he applies the different situations he’s faced in life into fleshing his character.

While filming ‘Twenty’, he wanted to go back to when he was twenty-years-old; the star felt that he didn’t live his life to the fullest when he was at that age and had some regrets about it. However, the movie did serve as a reminder of his days when he was twenty. On that note, he listed fellow co-stars of the movie ‘Twenty’, Kim Woo Bin and Junho (2PM), as actors he would like to reunite for another acting production, as the trio became close-knitted friends after meeting on set.


Given the opportunity, Kang Ha Neul would love to work with Hollywood star, Jim Carrey! It is evident that the Korean-actor held a lot of admiration for the Canadian-American actor as he mention that he wants to meet the said actor one day. He also mentioned how he doesn’t have a specific role he’d like to try; instead, the actor wishes to work with a good team where he could have fun and act at the same time. About memorable scenes throughout his career, Kang Ha Neul states that there wasn’t one specific scene, but the last day of filming would always come to mind when he thinks back about filming.

Breaking out into laughter when asked what he’d like to film a CF for, the star did not hesitate to mention coffee. It seems like just the mere thought was making Kang Ha Neul excited, as he went on to say that he really, really, loves coffee, and has the ambition to film a CF for coffee one day. When asked about his variety skills and sense of humor, he blurted out in English “so terrible!”, elaborating shyly that he doesn’t think he’s an interesting person at all (we beg to differ, Kang Ha Neul-ssi!) even though he’s enjoyable to hang out with. Last but not least – if you’re wondering why Kang Ha Neul’s photos mostly involves him posing with the ‘v’-sign, it’s because he felt awkward without it. Well, we have to say that either way, he still looked great, and adorable! Don’t you think so?


To wrap up the showcase, Kang Ha Neul sang a short acapella version of ‘I Choose to Love You‘, and proceeded to take a group selfie with the fans on site with the help of the selfie stick. Of course, he did not forget to express his thanks to the fans’ support in his closing ment, and said that he would love to come to Singapore more often to meet his fans. Despite the short duration, he was glad to have an enjoyable time with his fans, and we certainly look forward to meeting him on our shores again!

Many thanks to KMTV for extending the media invitation.



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