(x)clusive!: Beautiful Night at BEAST ‘Ordinary’ Fanmeet


Popular boy group BEAST (consisting of members Doojoon, Yoseob, Dongwoon, Hyunseung, Kikwang and Junhyung) was on our shores in September for their not-so ‘Ordinary’ Fanmeet, performing a series of hit tracks and had some up-close and personal moments with lucky fans. It’s been three years since they last visited Singapore, and the arena was brimming with excitement the moment they stepped on stage!

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Opening the show with ‘YeY‘, the boys performed to ‘Good Luck‘, ‘12:30‘ and ‘Fiction‘, raising temperatures with their strong stage charisma and wowed us over with their amazing lives. BEAST also didn’t forget to mention their impression on returning to Singapore for a performance, expressing that they were happy to meet Singapore B2UTYs again.

BEAST performing to 12:30. For more videos, check out our Playlist here.

In the game section, not only were BEAST quizzed on how well they know our sunny island (with Dojoon coming in last and getting a small punishment from his members), fans also got the chance to walk away with photo-chance as well as interact up-close with the members. For ‘Guess Our Singapore Song’, fans had to guess which song the members are hearing from their headphones. Among the six, Dongwoon amazed the floor with his accurate reprise of JJ Lin’s ‘Our Singapore’. Of course, the members couldn’t help but pull little distractions on each other, such as Dongwoon singing ‘Let It Go‘ to main vocals Yoseob.


Following suit, BEAST performed several other hit tracks, such as earlier classics ‘Shock‘, as well as ‘Shadow‘. Other songs performed includes ‘On Rainy Days’, ‘I Think I Love You’ and ‘Special’.

BEAST giving an electrifying performance of Shock

As the concert come to an end, the members took the chance to express their thanks to Singapore B2UTYs for their support, and state that they will try to return soon. Junhyung even added in English: “Me and my team…very happy tonight! You guys very awesome, beautiful, lovely and cute! Next time we come to Singapore, we have concert. Thank you!”

YSWMOf course, to top it all off and end off with a bang, the group sang ‘Beautiful Night’, before moving into the encore tracks ‘How To Love‘ and ‘Encore‘. The fan support during the song ‘How To Love’ was amazing, with everyone waving their banners as the confetti began to fall, forming a touching and beautiful scene. BEAST are certainly kings of fanservice, and they did not let B2UTIES down either, waving and greeting their fans from end to end of the stage. We also caught a Kikwang and Doojoon playing with the confetti, while Dongwoon managed to snap a selfie with a lucky fan’s mobile!


With that, the fan meet drew to a close amid shouts of ‘thank you’, and a high-touch session with selected ticket holders. We definitely could not wait to see them on our sunny island again, and hopefully they would be back with a full concert.

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