[TRAVEL] Spending a Different Weekend out of Seoul: Soomy Village

When one thinks of travelling to Korea, the image of Seoul, the bustling hub of Korean pop, fashion and cuisine, pops right into one’s mind. But if you look further into the dazzling world of Korean pop culture, there is an interesting and different side of Korea that is less known about. Seoul is just but one of the hundred plus cities in South Korea, so if Seoul itself is so interesting, imagine what else is left to be discovered outside Seoul?

(x)clusive took a trip outside of Seoul two weeks ago with the 2015 Korea Rural Tourism Supporters to explore the wonders of rural areas in Korea, and while on the upcoming trips as well we will be introducing to you what is good to do and how to go to these farms that are situated outside Seoul, so read on!

Soomy Village: The Farming Experience & Origin of the 秀美 Chips

Website: http://soomyland.com/
531 Bongsang-ri, Danwol-myeon Yangpyung-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
What To Do: Making Pizza, Making Steamed Red-bean Buns, Experience Sweet Potato Farming, Water Activities at the River.

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What We Did:

Soomyland, or Soomy Village, was the first stop of our trip and it is none other than the origin of the famous “秀美” potato chips which you can find at convenience stores and supermarkets around Korea! As introduced by the host, Soomy Village has different themed activities to fit the different seasons all year round (especially in spring during the strawberry season!) so whenever you visit them, you’ll be able to experience something new.

This is also the farm where Lee Jonghyuk and his son Junsu visited to make pizzas on the reality show “Dad! Where Are Going?”.

The best part of the farm experience was still the hands-on activity where we got to try digging out sweet potatoes ourselves and bring back home whatever we dug. However it’s not for immediate consumption – we will have to wait for one week for the sweet potatoes to ripen and as we were told that they are sensitive to temperature, it’s best to keep them in the kitchen away from direct sunlight as it will affect their taste.

Reservations for the activities can be made from their website, where they have planned itineraries with different activities for all ages. Scroll down for more images of the experience we had at the farm.

Making Steamed  Red-bean Buns

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

Ride the thrilling Tractor Ride (it goes into the river too!)

Have a Fulfilling Korean-style Meal (straight from the farm!)

Enjoy a Quiet Time by the Stream

The trip is made possible thanks to Korea Rural Tourism. Check out their Facebook page for more information about Korea rural spots!

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