[K-Food] BIBIGO refreshes its Menu with All-Time Favourites

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Review By: Madel

Bibigo refreshes its menu in time for the holiday season, putting together both new dishes as well as fan-voted recommendations from Bibigo outlets all over the world! Foodies can now check out the list of popular dishes voted by a global audience if they need some help choosing their meal – voted dishes include the healthy choice Oriental Salad, Soup Bulgogi as well as all-time favourite, Spicy Soft Tofu Stew and Hot Stone Bibimbap. That’s not all, as the restaurant also included a new option of adding either cheese or egg (or both) into selected dishes!

Speaking of new dishes to look out for, Bibigo Singapore has now included the Grilled Pork Belly, served with grilled onion, kimchi and garlic, as well as the Spicy Seafood Ramen, in the menu. Both dishes are voted Best in Japan. Fans of Korean cuisine would be familiar with the former dish, served on a piping hot grill. While nothing spectacular, the meat goes well with its many side dishes, including their own crunchy kimchi, with just the right level of spiciness to bring out the juicy flavor.

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Two new mackerel dishes made their way onto the menu: the Braised Mackerel in Spicy Sauce (voted Best in UK) and the Grilled Mackerel (voted Best in China). While most would be more familiar with the Grilled Mackerel, we were told that the Braised Mackerel in Spicy Sauce is a more authentic method of eating the mackerel, and we could taste why – despite the dangerously red and spicy-looking sauce, we got a good mix of both spice and sweetness in this dish, and the sauce easily makes a savoury add to any plain bowl of rice. The fish itself too, is tender and fresh, and the radish that went along with it soaked up an adequate amount of the flavourful sauce. With a portion ready to share for a table of 2-4, this dish is highly recommended for family gatherings.

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Other new additions include the Spicy Rice Cake with Ramen Noodles (Rabokki), which is nothing spectacular, but probably suited for a younger audience with a fondness for Rabokki. The new Spicy Tomato Ramen is a hit or miss – while its zingy, pepper-ish spice gave our tastes buds a nice twist, it fell short due to its relatively light flavour. Nonetheless, its reduce-salt content and tomatoes made it a healthier choice of ramyeon for a healthy-conscious audience.

On a happier note, we heard that these dishes are permanent additions onto the menu, so you can now enjoy them all year round. Bibigo Singapore outlets are located at both Raffles City Shopping Centre and Suntec City Mall, with advance reservations available at +65 6336 4745.

Many thanks to Bibigo for extending their invitation to us!


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