BEAST ‘Ordinary’ Fanmeet in Singapore 2015


Calling all B2UTIES! Are you ready for BEAST? After waiting for three years, BEAST is finally heading back to Singapore this coming September for BEAST “Ordinary” Fanmeet in Singapore 2015. Even though it’s not a full-fledged concert, we are definitely not complaining because the wait was just too long.

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Details of Fanmeet:

Date: 24th September 2015, Thursday
Time: 8PM
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre 601 to 604
Ticket Price*: CAT1 – S$268, CAT2 – S$208, CAT3 – S$168,CAT4 – S$128
*Not inclusive of admin charges

Seating Plan:


CAT1 VIP Ticket Launch Details:

Date: 8th August 2015, Saturday
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: *SCAPE Orchard (2 Orchard Link, Level 5-Media Hub)

The ticket price for CAT1 VIP is S$268.00. ONLY CASH will be accepted during the ticket launch. Do bring along the exact change. Each person can purchase a maximum of FOUR tickets at the ticket launch at *SCAPE.

High Touch Lucky Draw

Please fill the lucky draw portion of your ticket in legible handwriting and drop them into the bowl/box immediately after you have purchased your tickets at *SCAPE. Please note that each person is only allowed to fill in your name once. Representatives making purchases on behalf must fill in the names of those that they are making the purchase for.

Only CAT1 VIP ticket purchasers at *SCAPE on 8th August are entitled to a lucky draw, where 500 winners will win a High Touch pass with BEAST.

* Details for High Touch will be announced together with the winners list on 29th August 2015
* Do note that tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis, while stocks last.
* CAT1 tickets not purchased at *SCAPE does not qualify for the High Touch draw.

Official Ticket Sales for CAT2, CAT3, CAT4:

Ticket sales for CAT2, CAT3 and CAT4 tickets will be available on 8th August 2015, 3PM via all SISTIC platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: When does the official queue start for Cat 1 VIP tickets at *SCAPE?

Three Angles Production will be putting up the official start of queue sign on 7th August 2015 (Friday) at 5PM. Your safety and well-being is their main concern, so please stay safe and follow instructions given.

Q: Can we select the seats to purchase at the ticket launch at *SCAPE?

Yes, you can select your preferred available seats that you wish to purchase. (However, we urge that you do not hold up the queue when making your selection.)

Q: How many tickets are there available for CAT1?

About 750 available.

Q: What about the rest of the categories via SISTIC?

SISTIC’s system allocates the best seats available based on your category of choice and offers a few options for you to decide within a certain time after which the system will expire and you will have to re-log in. (This does not ensure that the previous offered seats are still available)

Q: Will there be an extension stage or catwalk for the concert?

There will not be any extension stage or catwalk for the fanmeet in Singapore. We will be using the existing stage at Suntec Convention Centre 601 to 604.

Q: Will there be a Mosh Pit for the fanmeet?

No. The fanmeet will not feature any Mosh Pits.

Q: How long will the fanmeet be?

Approximately 100 minutes.

Q: Which seats are on ground level and which seats are elevated/tiered?

CAT1 is on floor level while CAT2 to 4 are tiered/ascending.

Q: Are we allowed to record videos or take photos during the fanmeet?

Videography and photography is not permitted during the fanmeet.

Q: Are LED boards allowed?

LED boards or signs are not permitted.

Q: When will we know the results for the High Touch Draw?

Three Angles Production will conduct the draw on 27th August 2015 with the results published on 29th August 2015 via IME Production and Three Angles Facebook/Twitter pages. Winners’ names & ticket numbers will be published. There will be no official email from the organisers.

Q: Is the High Touch pass transferable?

The High Touch pass is strictly not transferable and NOT for sale.

Q: Will there be Official Merchandise on sale at the venue on event day?

This has yet to be finalised and Three Angles Production will update once they have confirmation from CUBE.

For more information of BEAST “Ordinary” Fanmeet in Singapore 2015, do follow Three Angles Production on Twitter and Facebook. And do remember to grab your tickets fast cause there are only 3200 tickets available for sale!

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  1. Anyone going alone and need a company? All my friends are not interested in kpop and I’m the only one who wants to go.

  2. Why causing all possible commotions & inconvenience again to everyone by restricting all VIP ticket purchaser to queue overnight(since arrangement of official queue starts at 5pm on 7th Aug)?Whoever desperate fans who are fighting for good tickets, to ensure getting VIP tickets to win hi-five lucky draw chance(“while stocks last”), must die die queue overnight,isn’t it?!By just imagining this,I can feel it is so physically tiring for both fans & staffs & all security guards.Safety & security issues are are a headache & money spent on manpower on these etc..Organizer should make it convenient for everyone to buy all tickets online instead of queuing so tiringly overnight.There are high advanced technology out there here in Singapore for better ticketing method(some come with assigned queue number upon purchase to avoid hazardous queuing siao) & overnight queuing is really the worst option ever.I am a fan of Beast but such arrangement really dampens my spirit on going. Perhaps I may simply buy those CAT selling online or give it up

  3. Haha me too! I dont have friends that are beast fans

  4. Hi guys. For anyone who are like me do not have a company and would like to go together feel free to give me reply my posts and I’ll get back to you guys :)

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  6. Hi!! Guys…

    Beast’s Fanmeet is getting closer. Xo xo excited..
    So sad… I’m alone, too. I just bought a T7 Cat 3 ticket. Wish I can get a friend to go together.. :) :)

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