(x)clusive!: VIXX Lights Up The Darkness at Singapore Concert

Text By: Elizabeth | Photos By: Germx

The much anticipated VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015 kicked off on a high note with On and On as their opening track, a powerful number that the group chose as their representative song, along with Voodoo Doll and Light Up The Darkness. Greetings and short introductions of the individual members in the group were done in simple English and VIXX took this opportunity to express their happiness in being able to bring their concert to Singapore, where the boys promised nothing but exciting solo and group performances, elating the fans present that night.


The slew of solo performances began with the group’s charming vocalist Ken, who had just arrived on the day of the concert itself, mesmerizing the crowd with his cover of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. His voice shone in his rousing rendition and although he did forget some of the song’s lyrics, the fans were more than happy to help him fill those missing parts as it immediately turned into a mass karaoke session.

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The atmosphere of the concert was changed immediately when Ravi performed his solo rap stage, Ghost. Fans around us were voicing out their earnest opinions that “Ravi is more than ready for Show Me The Money”, which we couldn’t agree more. VIXX’s rapper thoroughly captured the audience with his powerful rap, including his fantastic acapella rap bridge.


Next up was the youngest member, Hyuk, as he appeared in a white suit, playing a piano, serenading the fans with his sweet voice for his solo, Call You Mine. Needless to say, the fans (especially the noonas) were completely smitten by this younger dongsaeng’s romantic song and dance number.

With three solo performances down, the boys came back on stage as a group with a fresh change of outfits, performing Sad Ending, Say U Say ME and Rock Ur Body in striking red and black suits. After the energetic group performances, VIXX proceeded to entertain with some sort of dance competition, where each member demonstrated a range of cute, sexy, tough and quirky dance moves that leader N claimed would become a great hit among the fans. Unfortunately, his “heart-tickling” dance left the fans too tickled with laughter that they didn’t dance along, making N jokingly state that that his dance moves wasn’t catchy at all.


The concert took an emotional turn when the fans sang along to every word of Love Letter while raising banners with words in Korean “Let’s Go Together Till The End” as part of a fan project, leaving the members pleasantly surprised by this gesture. The melancholic atmosphere was continued as vocalist Leo put up a beautiful solo with Words To Say. Hongbin turned the hit up with a special dance and fighting sequence that blended and synchronized well with the LED screens at the back. Not forgetting N and his impressive waacking dance routine, performed while being blindfolded.

At the end of the solo stages, VIXX returned with Hyde, Beautiful Killer, Eternity and Error, which no doubt had the loudest fan chants of the night.

What would a concert be without an encore? The boys kicked things off with their latest hit, Love Equation, and got everyone up from their chairs dancing, jumping and singing excitedly along. The happiness meter for each member was definitely off the charts as we spied the usually stoic and calm Leo grabbing his and Ravi’s microphones to sing his heart out, Hongbin running around the stage with Ken on his back, Hyuk lifting N up on his shoulders with Ravi completing the formation by kneeling on the ground. The group also expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone in attendance and declared that they wished to return to perform once again, before diving straight into From Now On You Are My Girl and finally ending off with G.R.8.U.

There were so many awesome moments from the concert? What were some of your favourites that night?



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