(x)clusive!: Jung Yong Hwa Shows Multi-Talents in First Solo Singapore Concert

Text By: Aileen | Photos By: Germx

Gone were the suppressed stage presence, hesitant English and fresh vibes of a newcomer. The two hour long concert at The Star Theatre on 30th May 2015 saw CNBLUE’s frontman Jung Yong Hwa, transformed into a multi-talented and versatile artiste in his first solo and best performance yet. This time, without the guitar and his fellow band mates.

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Back in Singapore for the fourth time as a performer after successful solo stages in Seoul, Japan and several parts of Asia, Yong Hwa took to the stage in ease with his vocal prowess in 17 songs (including 10 numbers from his solo album, “One Fine Day“), and even displayed his multi-talented side, much to the amusement and astonishment of the 4,000-strong audience.

(x)clusive brings you the key highlights of that evening:


“I can speak English very well, you know?”

Boy was everyone surprised when Yong Hwa launched into an American slang before he opened his concert with “Without You“, a soul-baring track from his solo album.

Throughout the concert, the charismatic heartthrob continued to impress the attentive crowd with songs of various genres and fluent conversational English. Jung even poured his heart and soul into renditions of his current favourite foreign listens, Maroon 5’s “Pay Phone” and Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”.

His grasp of the English language has noticeably improved since his first Singapore concert with the rest of the CNBLUE gang in 2010. In fact, Yong Hwa was clearly aware of this achievement too and he wasn’t afraid to boast about it to his adoring fans!

Aside from English, the international Hallyu star even sang in three languages in “Checkmate”, a catchy rock number that features Singaporean Mando-pop singer JJ Lin.

Although JJ Lin was no show that evening, Yong Hwa gave his all and confidently belted out the song in Korean, English and Mandarin, much to the delight and awe of Boices!


“Are you happy? Play, dance!”

Yong Hwa was his own emcee and constantly cracked up the crowd with his humorous stage antics like gathering up a ball of energy with his hands to lead in to his next song “Energy”, and sticking two red paper hearts on his cheeks before belting out “Goodnight Lover” — now how adorable was that? Oh yes, the crowd went wild. Very wild indeed.

The ever well-mannered leader of CNBLUE also demonstrated his close relationship with the wonderfully enthusiastic and talented members of the live band and took care to introduce each and every one.

Much to the amusement of Boices, Jung posed the same question each time: “Are you happy?”, and egged them to play their instruments or dance out their “feeling, (their) soul”.

The poor audio crew who helped Yong Hwa fix his mike after his round wasn’t spared either and performed a little number with him. We have to say, both Yong Hwa and his “One Fine Day” tour members sure knew how to enjoy themselves and entertain the crowd!


“It’s time to go crazy ok? It’s time to rock and roll!”

Besides Yong Hwa’s flair for languages, good looks and distinctively captivating voice, the capable leader, singer, songwriter, producer and an entertaining emcee was an unstoppable dance machine as well.

Despite not having a strong foundation in dancing, he confidently serenaded the crowd with his deep gaze and sensual moves in “Mileage” and “Treasure”, and even transformed into an orchestra instructor, a head-banging rocker and a sexy salsa dancer in the rock rendition of “I’m Sorry”.

By the end of the concert, Jung appeared quite a visual feast indeed with the glistening sweat on his bare skin from his opened collar.

He sang, he danced, he emceed, and he will be back again for his next concert, he promised.

Jung Yong Hwa’s “One Fine Day” in Singapore finally ended on a high note with the title song, with Boices coming together to form his initials with their red LED finger lights, wave their yellow paper-cut stars, and chant “Jung Yong Hwa, Saranghae” for the final time.

Amazing stage presence, timing and control, great sense of humor, fantastic song line-ups that showcased his musical sense and individuality, and (perhaps, no more?) imposing barrier of communications, what’s not to love about the multitalented first-time solo artist?

Fans can be sure to expect more the next time he drops by our little island. Hopefully Jung Yong Hwa will be his own emcee again.



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