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Congratulations to Teo WeiQuan, Stephanie Chia Su Khim, Chen Congyi, Wang Junyan Janelle and Fadilah Halim! E-mails have been sent out to all winners. Do check your inbox for ticket collection details.

Starring Hwang Jungmin and Kim Yunjin (with a guest appearance by Jung Yunho of TVXQ), Ode to My Father is an epic film that shows the evolution of modern Korean history spanning across generations starting from the 1950s.

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What’s the movie about?

The story starts in the eye of 12-year-old Duksoo (Hwang Jungmin) when he loses track of his youngest sister in the Hungnam Evacuation of 1951. Growing up, Duksoo starts working odd jobs to support his aging mother and siblings, eventually working as Gastarbeiter (guest worker) in Germany. There, he meets his future companion, Youngja (Kim Yunjin), a fellow immigrant worker.

Duksoo’s return from Germany leaves little time for rejoices, as he soon finds himself heading off to war-torn Vietnam. It was only upon his return from the country did he embark on his final mission – to find his father and youngest sister who was separated over 30 years ago in Hungnam.

The movie, directed by Yoon Je-kyoon (whose other notable films of him are Haeundae and Sector 7), became the second highest box-office of all time in South Korean, and being in the first place of the Korea’s box-office for five consecutive weeks. Ode to My Father also scored an impressive 14.2 million admission in the nation alone.

Ode to My Father will be screened in Singapore from 16th April 2015. A preview screening at GV Vivo City will be held on 9th April 2015 (Thursday) at 710PM.

(x)clusive is giving away 5 pairs of tickets for you to catch Ode to My Father preview screening on 9th April 2015. Just fill in the following form and answer a simple question for a chance to win! Contest will end on 7th April 2015 (Tuesday), 2359H. 5 lucky winners with the correct answer will be picked at random. Winners’ names will be announced on this page and they will be contacted on 8th April 2015 (Wednesday) through email. Do note that multiple entries are not allowed.

Good luck to all participating.

Much thanks to the nice people at MM2 Entertainment for the tickets.



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