(x)clusive!: A Pink Paradise in Singapore for Pink Pandas

Text/Videos By: Madel | Photos/Edited By: Germx

This being the group’s first overseas solo concert, A-Pink brought their vibrant enthusiasm to The Max Pavilion at EXPO, performing over 20 songs, ranging from their ranking hits to fans’ favourites as they re-create a pink paradise for Singapore fans. The six-member popular girl group (consisting of members Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung) is no stranger to our sunny isle, having visited previously for MAMA 2011 in Singapore as well as Vizit Korea. However, this time around, the girls certainly impressed with their boundless energy at their first overseas full-length concert!

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The girls were all smiles when they stepped on stage in their dazzling white outfits with matching knee-length boots, opening the concert with debut track ‘I Don’t Know’. Leaving no gap for a breather, A-Pink dived into special anniversary track ‘Good Morning Baby’, followed by fans’ favourite ‘Mr Chu’ before they made a formal greeting to the fans on site. Interchanging dance tracks with slow-tempo ballads, they went on to perform ‘So Long’, ‘Wanna Be’ and ‘Secret’.

When talking about concerts, one cannot forget the special VCRs filmed for the event.  Their first VCR which included the girls’ childhood photos had us cooing, but their special parody VCR was definitely worth mentioning too! Well-known for their sweet concept and image, the girls certainly showed their playful sides in funny parody VCR as they shared who their music inspirations were, and enacted how they imagine their idols would have sent a congratulatory message to them for their first solo concert tour.

Chorong brought about much laughter with her impersonation of Rain, while main vocals Eunji caught our eyes with a permed wig as Kim Gunmo. Variety queen Bomi took on three personalities for Seo Taiji and the Boys while Naeun looked fitting in the first national fairies SES’ Bada’s outfit and hairstyle. Last but not least, Hayoung performed to Techno Queen, Lee Jung Hyun’s famous fan dance and Namjoo’s cute accented English for Beyonce had us bowing over in tears.


Of course, the girls also prepared special solo stages for the fans on this tour, shedding their fairy-image for a strong, mature and sexy one. Leader Chorong took the lead in a sultry dance to Chris Brown’s ‘X’, and was complimented by Bomi during their ment segment later on. Naeun and Hayoung also got the arena heated up with their rendition of SISTAR19’s ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’.

Namjoo, who had more than once been exposed by her members on learning sexy dances, certainly showed experience as she commanded attention with Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirty’. Later on, Bomi amazed us with a pole-dance in the middle of her solo performance to Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’. Last but not least, Eunji certainly had the audience biting back tears with a beautiful vocal cover of ‘Listen’ by Beyonce.

Throughout the concert, the fans showed their strong support by participating actively. The non-stop cheers and fanchants during popular title tracks such as ‘My My’, ‘Hush‘, and ‘It Girl’, jumped along to dance-addicting tracks like ‘Boy‘ and ‘Yeah‘, and waved their hands to a massive sing-along session for slower songs such as ‘So Long’ and ‘April 19’.

With that kind of enthusiasm, it is no wonder that the girls were kept in a continuous high mood. Eunji’s high notes were all on point and beyond, hitting with each one with ferocity, while Bomi kept the spirits up by getting the crowd on their feet. The other girls too, never once showed signs of weariness despite the consecutive songs and outfit changes. All the members no doubt shared a heartfelt look at the end of the performance, holding back their tears as they thanked the fans.


At the end of the day, member Namjoo summed up Pink Paradise in one sweet sentence that all Singapore Pink Pandas present would certainly agree.

“What is Pink Paradise? To me, this, here, is paradise.” – Namjoo

The concert formally ended after a tear-jerking encore and final farewells, where the members’ sincere ‘thank you’ to the fans’ support (including Bomi’s long-worded letter read in English) caused a wave of cheers amid the tears. The group did not forget to thank the hardworking staff and live band members, and took a final group shot with the fans after blowing the candles to a cake specially prepared by the Singapore Pink Pandas with a shout of “Singapore, A-Pink, Forever!”



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