2015 S.M. Entertainment Global Auditions in Singapore

2015 SM Entertainment Global Auditions in Singapore sgXCLUSIVE

Time for all you bathroom singers and cover dancers to step up to the challenge as S.M. Entertainment will be holding their 2015 Global Auditions right here in Singapore! Always wanted to join S.M. Entertainment that boasts of top idols like Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO? Then hesitate no longer as it is time to put those training hours to the test at the auditions this coming March!

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Details of S.M. Entertainment Global Auditions in Singapore

Date: 28th March 2015, Saturday
Time: Timings will be sent to successful applicants
Venue: Korean Church in Singapore

How To Apply

2015 SM Entertainment Global Auditions in Singapore Application sgXCLUSIVE

Please apply by choosing one of the two methods above, either SMTOWN Online Application or E-Mail Application (Do note that everysing app application is not applicable for Singapore).

  1. SMTOWN Online Application: Please head over to HERE
  2. E-mail Application : 2015singapore@smtown.com

For E-Mail application, please use an E-Mail that doesn’t belong to AOL or AIM mail.

S.M. Entertainment will send a confirmation E-Mail indicating the audition time and location. So, please check your e-mail for your schedule date and time. Only applicants who received the confirmation E-Mail can participate in the audition.

The deadline for applications for the 2015 S.M. Entertainment Global Auditions in Singapore is 27th March 2015.

Audition Enquiry E-Mail: 2015help@smtown.com

Information to be included in the E-Mail

Date of Birth
Category you are applying for – Please choose only ONE category that you are applying for (ex. Singer)
Contact Information (1) Phone (2)
Photo of yourself

What to prepare for the audition?

  1. Singers will be asked to sing acappella without a microphone. Both cover and original songs are allowed to be sung. (Up to 2 min)
  2. Dancers do not have to bring their own Audio CD. S.M. Entertainment will prepare a CD beforehand, and dancers will be asked to freestyle to the track. (Up to 2 min)
  3. Models should prepare commercial acting and various poses beforehand.
  4. Actors/Actresses have to memorize scripts/monologues beforehand and perform it on stage. (Both original and produced works are allowed)
  5. Lyric/Composition – Submit Demo CD or lyrics (Hand in on the audition day or attach the files via email/online)

If YOU are ready for stardom, then this is an opportunity not to be missed. For more information with regards to 2015 S.M. Entertainment Global Auditions in Singapore, head over HERE!

All the best to all that are participating!

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  1. May i know if we are allow to sing english songs for the audition?

  2. Must i have korean language basic? Sorry this might sound.

  3. SM contacted me with a time and a location but I can’t afford the plane ticket as I am from the UK and my parents might not let me. I’m in a bad situation so I’m not sure what to do

    • You might get blacklisted for not showing up:/ but when did you send your mail anyways? I havent recieve mine. Maybe mine got regected or something:/

    • Maybe you should’ve auditioned for Moscow audition like me. I just hope that I’ll be able to show up.

      • I’m hoping to audition next year in Europe after I’ve finished my A Levels if Sm do hold it in a European country. I’ll focus on finishing my education :p and I’ll apply again in 2016. Then I’ll still be 17. Good luck!

  4. Does SM take very long to reply? I sent my mail yesterday but I dont recieve any reply… Should i continue to wait?

    • I think I sent my application online 1-2 weeks before I got a reply but I can’t really remember because I sort of did it for fun sorry. I told my parents and they said I can’t go due to expenses but I can try if they ever come to Europe. At least they now know I’m interested in this career I guess. And I think you should wait a little longer but don’t let it distract you from your life right now. You can always try again maybe using a different account? I have to continue with my studies but good luck!

      • May I know the details you got? Like I’m not sure if the audition is still ongoing because I haven’t gotten a reply. But I do want to at least take a look you know, can you help me?:-)

    • i mailed around 5 or 8 march, up till now i still have not recieve the email yet.

  5. i want to go toooo. see them auditioning it will be so coolll:)

  6. I so know that i cannot audition for it , imagine giving your prime to SM. wouldnt want that , just going to remAIN as a fan

  7. i sent in my online application 2 days ago and havent recieve any news , does it take that long to recieve news because the audition at my country is in another 3 more days and i got nothing

  8. Is it possible to receive confirmation email a day before the audition or the audition day? Bcs if someone send their application on March 27, when will they get the confirmation email? How do i know if i passed the online audition or not? Does everyone pass the online audition or only selected people are allowed to join the audition? I’ve already submitted the application for a week but i have not received any email yet beside the automatic reply. Does that mean i don’t pass the audition? I saw some people saying everyone pass the online audition. Im afraid i might get blacklist by SM if i didnt go. ㅠㅠㅠ

  9. Can we go and watch?

  10. oh no! Until now i haven receive any reply from SM. So tomorrow am i still able to go for audition??

  11. What if you passed the audition through online and ask to go to Korea, (will they pay for your flight? If not,) How if you cant afford to go to Korea?

  12. hi, can i just check. will there be a smtown Global audition for singapore next year? this year,i am having my olvls and can only go for it afterwards. Thanks!

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