(x)clusive!: No longer LONELY with B1A4 at KStar Fanfest


It’s been a while since B1A4 had come in Singapore, and thanks to Korea Festival 2014’s KStar Fanfest, the Korean boy group, consisting of leader Jinyoung, vocalists CNU and Sandeul, rapper Baro, and visual Gongchan, best known for their fun and lively songs were finally back in Singapore for a mini concert!

Bringing their signature tunes such as their debut single “O.K”, the catchy hit “Beautiful Target”, and the slightly mature “Lonely”, B1A4 sure knows how to get the fans all hyped up. They then follow up with a sweet song for their fans, “IF…”.

The mini concert was full of surprises, as a video of recorded messages by leader Jinyoung and youngest member Gongchan showed on the screen first, then a video of the cheerful boys arriving in Singapore the night before.


After the short interlude, B1A4 took the stage again for a question and answer session. They hadn’t been back in Singapore for a while, so rapper and talented actor Baro started by saying that it was wonderful to be back in Singapore. Jinyoung added on that Singapore is very clean and beautiful, while CNU quips that he would love to visit Sentosa and go on the Singapore Flyer! Baro also wanted to eat the famous local favourite, the chilli crab!

The question and answer session also included a segment where five lucky fans get to go on stage and personally ask B1A4 some questions. When asked if the other members, besides actors Baro and Jinyoung, want to take on acting roles, CNU said that he’d take on the challenge if there’s a suitable role for him. Gongchan, on the other hand, recently acted in a music video as a charming piano player.

On the topic of how B1A4 maintains their good relationship with each other, leader Jinyoung tells us that the most important point to that is through conversation. It seemed like the boy group can’t escape dating questions as well, and Jinyoung excitedly mentioned that he would really love to go to Universal Studios Singapore and try the Transformers ride if he was on a date. Seems like it’d be a lot fun to have Jinyoung as a boyfriend!


As the question and answer session draw to a close, B1A4 prepared for the next segment, the telepathy game! They were split into the teams of Gongchan and Sandeul, and Baro and CNU. Jinyoung was tasked with being the referee. The boys were all pretty in sync for their answers as they repeatedly chose “BANA” (official name for B1A4 fans) when it comes to making a choice between girl groups or female artistes.

The charades game was also a lot of fun, as B1A4 teamed up with fans to compete with one another. Baro’s theme was animals, CNU’s theme was sports, Sandeul’s theme was singers – and he ends up doing a fair bit of girl group dances, Gongchan’s theme was food – during which the highlight was when he gestured at Sandeul to describe samgyupsal, and finally, Jinyoung’s theme was fruits. Every team was a winner, as all the fans received autographed items from the boys.


A short video of the group plays before B1A4 serenaded a lucky fan for “Pretty”. The energetic “Solo Day” and “Glass of Water” were next, before another quick fan interaction session where fans were chosen to go on stage for a group photo and more gifts from B1A4.


Leader Jinyoung celebrated his birthday just a few days before the mini concert, so the fans also prepared a special video event for him! Then a birthday cake was brought out and Jinyoung thanked the fans after blowing the candles, saying that he is really happy and that he will always stand with BANA. Sandeul stepped up to continue that he is very happy to be beside Jinyoung and hopes to always be in a team with him. CNU adds that he hopes to spend his fifties, sixties, and even hundreds with Jinyoung. The B1A4 boys definitely have a very close relationship indeed.

Next up were the performances “What’s Happening” and “Baby Goodnight”. B1A4 took turns to thank the fans and also promised that they will be back soon, before ending the concert with “You Are My Girl” while going down the stage to be closer to the audience as they took Polaroids with their fans.

After the encore performance of “In The Air”, B1A4 held their high-touch session exclusively for the VIP fans.

It may be just a mini concert, but B1A4’s fantastic performances and fanservice definitely made the concert worthwhile. We, too, hope to see them back in Singapore soon!



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