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Press Conference

Korean heartthrob Lee Minho was on our shores last weekend to celebrate OSIM’s 35th anniversary as part of the OSIM uDiva Asian Tour. The multi-talented actor held a press conference at WESTIN Hotel, greeting the media with a dashing smile in both English and Mandarin, as he shared his experiences using the OSIM uDIVA, and also talked about his upcoming projects.

Check out the Q&A session below!


Q: This isn’t your first time in Singapore, how do you feel about the place?

Lee Minho (LMH): Yes, it’s not my first time in Singapore, but I’m happy every time I come here. It’s beautiful and clean. I arrived pretty late last night but I ate great food and had a great rest, so I’m all ready to meet my fans later.

Q: Can you please tell us three things that you like about the OSIM uDIVA?

LMH: Well, there are many features and programmes, and there are a few functions of the uDIVA that I like. They are the ‘Relax’, ‘Stretch’ and ‘Morning’ functions. These functions are amazing.

Q: Do you have a uDiva at home?

LMH: Yes, I was really grateful to receive it from OSIM as a gift, so I do have it at home.

MCs:  (How many?) One, two, three?

LMH: (in English) One! (laughs)

Q: Do you share it with your family members? Who uses it the most?

LMH: Yes. I think my Mom uses it the most since I don’t spend too much time at home, so I think my Mom makes the most use of the uDiva.

MCs: So the uDiva works better than your hands? (laughs)

LMH: It’s been a very long time since I last massaged my mum’s shoulders. (laughs) Maybe during childhood.

MCs: Luckily you have the uDiva to help.

LMH: Well, I think the uDiva is doing its duty as the son to massage my mom’s shoulders and I’m pretty sure my Mom’s happy about that.

Q: Aside from massages, how else do you release your stress during packed schedules?

LMH: Whenever I get enough sleep, I think I can relieve my stress, and my fatigue goes away. I also eat a lot of good food, and that always help.


Q: Speaking of sleep-deprived, do you usually get grumpier or are you more energized?

LMH: Whenever I have small breaks in between, I try to listen to music that suits my mood and to cheer me up. Whenever I can, probably have a little bit of sleep, even if it’s five minutes, I’ll try to close my eyes and take a rest.

Q: Talking about breaks, what would you do if you have one-full day of rest, with no work to do.

LMH: I’d love to sleep. (laughs)

MCs: How many hours of sleep do you actually need a day?

LMH: If I have the time, 9-12 hours will be good for me.

MCs: In order to look refreshed in front of the camera.

LMH: Yeah, my face gets swollen all the time, that’s the biggest worry I have right now. Even now it’s not been long since I woke up, I’m pretty much a little swollen at the moment, so I’m a little worried.

MCs: But hey, you only get swollen in the morning, I get swollen 24/7, so it’s okay!

LMH: (laughs) Sometimes I hope that all these events could be conducted in the evening when I’m not looking swollen and probably looking better.

Q: In your opinion, what is a must-have feature to be a male-goddess, since Lee Minho is often referred to it, being a male-goddess himself.

LMH: I think being a male-goddess is not about the appearance itself, it probably means being responsible and being able to protect your loved ones. That’s probably the most important thing in being a real man, that’s how I feel about it.

MCs: Do you feel stress having to upkeep the image of a male-goddess?

LMH: Not really, (laughs) I’m pretty much happy with hearing it all the time.

MCs: Actually some would probably associate your appearance to a male-goddess, so how would you rate your attractiveness?

LMH: I feel that my fans probably see more of the characters in me than me as myself, so I think they probably like the attractiveness of the characters that I play, and that is probably the part that appeals most to my fans.

Q: You can’t possible bring around the uDiva on your travels, so what is one item that you bring to help you relax?

LMH: As mentioned, I listen to loud music, so I heal myself with good music.

MCs: How loud is your ‘loud music’?

LMH: My crew might just walk out of the room when I have the music on because they complain it’s too loud. Sometimes I receive complaints from the hotel that my music is way too loud.


Q: Any upcoming plans on releasing more songs?

LMH: In fact my new tour for the upcoming album will be happening soon – from October, so I hope to meet my fans and be able to sing my heart out for them.

MCs: You’ve sang Mandarin songs before, are there any Mandarin tracks on the new album?

LMH: There has not been an official recording yet of any Mandarin song and I hope to have a chance to sing a Mandarin song. I think I might do that next year, I have a particular song I’d like to sing, so I might have that chance then. Unfortunately I was busy for the new movie, so I don’t have enough time to practice Mandarin. This time round, probably not. Maybe next time.

Q: Can you please share with us some of the memorably experiences while filming your latest movie, ‘Gangnam Blues’?

LMH: I started filming ‘Gangnam Blues’ after ‘The Heirs’, so I think I look a little too well-groomed for the role in ‘Gangnam Blues’, so what I did in the following six months was that I didn’t put on any lotion to show a bit of the manly side required for the character. If you watch the movie, please don’t be surprised. ‘Does Lee Minho look this old?’, you might have such concerns, but yes, that is me, but it’s just for the role. Right now, I’m working on being back to myself. (pats his face)

MCs: (laughs) Putting on the lotion? Isn’t it a relief not to put on lotion, like skip a step in the morning routines to save time?

LMH: Well I could really feel my skin deteriorating so that wasn’t really a pleasant experience! (laughs)

MCs: What kind of exciting scenes can we expect from ‘Gangnam Blues’?

LMH: Well, I can’t really call this movie an exciting one, some of the most memorable scenes in my mind are some of the most cruel ones.

MCs: Guess we’ve got to watch to find out, right?

Q: Are you worried about having a stereotyped image? What other roles would you want to try in the future?

LMH: I don’t really have the worry of being stereotyped to playing rich characters, but because I’ve played rich characters in the past two dramas ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘The Heirs’, I wish to experience other kinds of roles. In ‘Gangnam Blues’ I play a very deep, intense character, showing a bit of masculinity that I wasn’t able to show in previous roles, so I hope I’d be able to be more dynamic  in my acting. Also, in my twenties, I think this is a time when I can show my bright, energetic side of a man in his twenties.

Q: Being the OSIM uDiva ambassador, what discomforts do you ease using the uDiva?

LMH: (in English) Foot and neck.

MCs: How does it help to relieve your pain?

LMH: Are you asking me how the muscle relaxes? (laughs)

MCs: How long do you usually spend on the uDiva?

LMH: About 10 to 30 minutes? I don’t really take those hard massage so I really like to take it slow and soft.

MCs: So how often do you use the uDiva?

LMH: These days I have a lot of events overseas so I’m not at home regularly, but when I’m at home I try to use it maybe one to three times a week?

Q: If you can describe uDiva in one sentence, what would it be?

LMH: Hmm…(thinks) a good rest.

Q: How can the fans pamper you?

LMH: I think for the fans, regardless of where the location is, wherever I meet them, even through the screen or just an eye-contact, I can always feel their love. So I think that always give me the strength to move on and motivate me to do better, and that always heal myself. I’m always grateful to the fans for their love.

Q: Other than the OSIM uDiva, have you tried any other OSIM products?

LMH: In the hotel, there’s a humidifier.

MCs: Would you recommend it to your friends?

LMH: Not really a recommendation, but I really liked using it, so definitely if anyone asked me about the product I’d tell them about it.

Q: What are some of your future plans?

LMH: Well, September is almost over, and from October I’d be starting my tour to meet fans all over the world till next January. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of my fans and excited to have fun with them. In the later part of October, I’d also be starting the promotions for my movie ‘Gangnam Blues’, so I’m hoping to see my fans then as well.

Q: Having traveled to so many countries for work, do you have an ideal place to visit for a holiday instead of work?

LMH: I want to try surfing, so I’d want to go to wherever I can surf. There was a scene where I was learning how to surf, but I only learn how to stand up and balance on the surfboard but I’ve never really got to practice how I could surf. I hope to take a step forward and maybe pick up the skill of surfing.

MCs: So you’re actually a very sporty person.

LMH: Yes, I like it.


Q: Last but not least, any words for your Singapore fans?

LMH: Singapore fans, thank you so much for your continuous support and love you’ve given me, I can’t see you frequently but I know you guys are giving me your support wherever you are, and I really appreciate it. Also, I will try my best to reciprocate all the love you’ve given me, and I’ll try to do better in the future as well.

The thirty-minute long press conference draws to a close with Lee Minho signing on the standee and posing for a shot with it, before he rushed off to meet the fans in an open meet-and-greet event organized by OSIM at Causeway Point Mall.



Following suit, we were surprised to find the mall thoroughly packed with MINOZ as excited fans try to catch a glimpse of the handsome star; fans filled not only the lobby but also took over the first to fourth floors of the mall. With a beaming smile, the actor greeted the fans and even shook a couple hands as he was escorted to the main stage, where he played a couple of interactive games with lucky fans who won the chance to get up-close and personal.


A couple of group photo sessions was held, and Lee Minho even sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song in celebration of the brand’s 35th anniversary after presenting his gift – a birthday cake – to the  brand representatives. Check out the short preview clip on our Instagram if you haven’t!


The meet and greet session was relatively short, but the Korean superstar left a lasting impression with his mannerism and various charms, such as the shy bouts of nervous laughter and friendliness as he entertained the fans request. We have no doubts that he melted the audience’s heart with his sincere statement of ‘I love you’ at the very end, which was followed by a deafening cheer.

For the MINOZ who missed the chance to catch him at the event, don’t fret! Lee Minho will be stepping foot on our shores soon enough for Lee Minho Global Tour 2014 <Re: Minho> Singapore (for more information, please click HERE), and with the release of his new album and upcoming movie, there is much to anticipate in the following weeks. Stay tuned as we bring to you more footages, and scroll down for more photos!

A special thank you to OSIM SG for extending the invitation.


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