(x)clusive!: 8 Random Things You Need To Know About Lee Hong Gi


We all know FTISLAND’s vocalist Lee Hong Gi from the dramas he has been in and from when he is standing at the front of the stage belting out beautiful numbers of the group. But what is Hong Gi like when he is not performing? Goofy, witty, humorous and definitely a lot of fun, as we find out from the press conference for his ‘Lee Hong Gi’s Proposal in Singapore’.


Hong Gi is totally a king of expressions, even when he is not continuously posing for fans, as his reactions are adorably over the top. He definitely charms all the fans in the audience with his sharp remarks and jokes. Even the fans on the second level get a lot of fan-service because Hong Gi addresses everyone who is there for him.


Here’s a quick list of eight random things you need to know about Hong Gi from the press conference:

  1. He is really happy to get casted as Dracula in Vampire the Musical because Dracula, in his opinion, is cool.
  2. A role that Hong Gi would really like to get is a character who is a psychopath.
  3. He thinks he got casted as Dracula because of his sharp teeth which resemble vampire fangs.
  4. As he constantly works with music and sound systems, his professionalism shows when he gets up to adjust the speakers that are interfering with the microphones.
  5. He spends his free time hanging out with his friends and working out.
  6. A crazy thing he would like to do is to go on holiday without anyone, including the managers, knowing or busking in the middle of the streets with a mask on to see if anyone could recognize him.
  7. An advice he has for teenagers is to do what you like and what you enjoy, and to know what you want in life; experience more things while you’re a teenager and try more things because he has experienced a lot but there is always so much to explore.
  8. Is Hong Gi lonely to be here without the FTISLAND members? “Aniyo (T/N: No). So happy!” He says without even the slightest bit of hesitation (but Primadonnas don’t fret because FTISLAND’s Minhwan did mention in June that they’re preparing for a comeback in October!)

Sometimes the language barrier between the Korean artiste and the Singaporean fans can really be an obstacle, but Hong Gi has shown throughout this press conference that it is nothing for him! With his antics and expressiveness, Hong Gi manages to connect with his fans effortlessly.

The press conference for ‘Lee Honggi’s Proposal in Singapore’ was a blast and everyone certainly enjoyed at the event itself which was held at Resorts World Sentosa the following day. Hong Gi is so much fun that the team at (x)clusive can’t wait to see him again!

A big thank you to Datz Entertainment for extending the media invite.


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