(x)clusive!: Emergency Couple Raise Heartbeats at Singapore Fanmeet

Text By: Elizabeth | Photos By: Fast Track Events | Edited By: Germx
Text By: Elizabeth | Photos By: Fast Track Events | Edited By: Germx

Following the short Meet and Greet session at Square 2 the previous night, the two leads of Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk, entertained fans of the drama with a two hour fanmeet that was held at the Kallang Theatre.


The fanmeet began with a video montage from the drama that got the audience hyped up before the couple’s appearance. Ji Hyo expressed her happiness in being back to Singapore for the second time to promote the drama because she always feels so welcomed by the fans’ warmth and overwhelming support, followed by Jin Hyuk who said, “I am honoured to be invited to Singapore to promote a drama. I have always wanted to visit. I recognize some faces from yesterday too! I hope all of you have a good time tonight.” 


Many lucky fans were picked to go on stage to play games with Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk. It wasn’t long before Ji Hyo shed her poised ‘actress pose’ and showed her competitive streak for the games, no doubt honed by four years as a regular on popular variety show, Running Man. She readily took off her sky-high stilettos so she could run faster and kept encouraging her teammates, “Hurry hurry! Speed speed!”


The couple upped the fun of the fan meet by re-enacting a scene from the drama that brought up viewer ratings in Korea the most, the ‘stethoscope confession’ scene. Most of the audience members picked to go onstage chose to re-enact the scene with Ji Hyo and confessed their love to their spunky Unnie. One of the fans even started tearing up during the re-enactment with Ji Hyo, saying she related to Ji Hyo’s character in the drama. Jin Hyuk also had his fair share of enthusiastic fans. He was unmistakably surprised by the boldness of the girls who chose to re-enact the scene with him. He said while laughing, “I didn’t expect those to come on stage to be this bold. I’m still very shocked by them even after that game is over.”

When it came to discussing about the scene where Jin Hyuk sang, Ji Hyo said, “His voice is very good. The cast and crew was mesmerized by his performance that they had tears in their eyes. It was so lovely. I would like to see him sing again.”


That night, Jin Hyuk performed two songs for the fans, ‘Scent Of A Flower’ from the Emergency Couple OST and ‘Best Wishes To You’ from the Gu Family Book OST. The latter of which he performed at the end of the fanmeet was a slightly better performance than the first one, but we shall attribute that to insufficient vocal warm-up at the beginning. (We still love you Jin Hyuk! ^^)

As the fanmeet ended, the two leads thanked the fans for coming and have fun with them at the fanmeet. The couple also asked for support for their upcoming projects as well. As fans of the drama and the actors ourselves, we certainly enjoyed watching the couple dish out fan service and have fun with their fans on stage.

Read below for some of the questions that Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk answered about the drama, their filming experiences on set and their favourite Singaporean dish.


What were the interesting things that happened on set?

Jin Hyuk: The props used in our fighting scene were all brand new and very expensive, so everyone on set felt that it was really wasteful to destroy all those new things for that particular scene.

Ji Hyo: That scene required a lot of preparation for everything to be filmed smoothly. For all my life, I never got to fight like that, so it was actually a good stress relieving opportunity. It was a little tiring, but still a fun experience.

Of all the 21 episodes in the drama, which was the one scene that was the most difficult to film?

Ji Hyo: All of it was difficult to me because there were a lot of medical terms in the script and we also had to pick up some professional medical knowledge before the shooting. It made us more hardworking and after completing every scene it made me feel very accomplished.

MC: Jin Hyuk, the kissing scenes were the most difficult, right?

Jin Hyuk: Well… The scriptwriter said that viewers liked such scenes so she added a lot of such scenes. We were embarrassed while filming those scenes too…

What’s the most appealing thing about the drama?

Ji Hyo: The kiss scenes. Just kidding! I think the charm of our drama is… It is a romantic comedy but also a story about how people’s emotions and characters grow and change too. It is a drama that shows how couples deal with relationship pains, farewells and having the courage to love again, something that everyone can relate to. Thank you for enjoying our drama and we really appreciate your support.

Jin Hyuk: Our drama is considered a romantic comedy. There is romance, yes, but there were more comedic scenes than romantic scenes, so it’s lighter and less complicated to enjoy watching it.


What is your favourite thing to eat in Singapore?

Ji Hyo: Chili crab. It is so delicious. When I was here the last time, I ate it for three consecutive days and I gained weight.

Do remember to catch Emergency Couple, every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10pm on channel M (StarHub TV Ch824 | SingTel mio TV Ch518).

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