Lunafly From Us To You Fanmeet in Singapore

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Lunafly From Us To You Fanmeeting in Singapore

As you may have already heard, Lunafly will be back in Singapore as a guest performer for the 6th Korean Night Festival on 7th June 2014. But before their performance for the festival, they will be conducting their From Us To You Fanmeet for Singaporean Lukies.

Check out Lunafly’s Greeting Video!

Details of Fanmeet:

Date: 7th June 2014, Saturday
Time: 4PM
Venue: Singapore Conference Hall (SCO)

Ticketing Details:

Premium Pass – S$193 | Photo Session, Autograph Session, Fanmeet and Korean Night Festival

 VVIP Pass – S$168 | Autograph Session, Fanmeet and Korean Night Festival

 VIP Pass – S$133 | Fanmeet and Korean Night Festival

 General Pass – S$105 | Fanmeet only

Ticket sales start from 2nd May 2014 and ends on 6th June 2014. Lukies can purchase the tickets from this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is the 6th Koren Night Festival the same event as Lunafly From Us To You Fanmeet in Singapore?

No, it’s two separate events. However, Lunafly will be performing as a guest for the 6th Korean Night Festival on 7th June 2014.

What’s the fanmeet about? Will they be performing any songs?

Yes, Lunafly will be performing a few songs. There will also be  interaction between the artiste and the fans and interesting programmes such as lucky draw will be included too.

Is the photo session a solo or group shot?

It will be a SOLO shot!

Is there numbered seating for the event?

No, it’ll be on a first come first served basis, depending on the category of the ticket.

Is videography and photography allowed? What about fan boards?

Yes, videography and photography are allowed. As for fan boards, do ensure that they are no bigger than A4 so that all attendees can enjoy the fanmeet.

Lunafly From Us To You Fanmeet in Singapore is proudly brought to you by Aurora Borealis. For more information on the event, please visit their Facebook page.

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