(x)clusive!: One Year of Intense Hot Beats with DJ Kevin

Text/Edited By: Germx | Video By: Madel | Photos By: Elizabeth
Text/Edited By: Germx | Video By: Madel | Photos By: Elizabeth

April 9 marks the first anniversary of ZE:A’s Kevin as a DJ of Arirang Radio. Unlike the other radio shows, Hot Beat is at a rather late timing of 12-2AM (KST), accompanying listeners before their bedtime. As such, live interaction between Kevin and his listeners is limited as compared to the other DJs, which is indeed a pity, since most (if not all) of his radio show are pre-recorded. Despite the limitations, Kevin’s voice was no doubt the solace of many as he accompanies listeners for two hours every night.

Our encounter with Kevin, to be really honest, was nothing short of awkwardness. There wasn’t any language barrier because we all know that Kevin is fluent in English. However, due to the fact that his personality was pretty reserved and shy (which was something we did not expect), the atmosphere wasn’t as lively as we hoped for it to be. Nonetheless, his charming smile and friendly demeanor was definitely a redeeming factor.

The highlight of the whole interview was definitely Kevin’s White Day video, where his cringe-worthy line “I hope I can be your candy” was no doubt a highlight. We were thrown off-guard by his line since he did seem pretty shy about it, but Kevin stood up to the challenge well, even countering Aron’s confrontation with ‘You got to do it man!’. Check out the White Day video message HERE if you haven’t already did.


Curious to know which ZE:A members Kevin wants on his radio show, whether he will consider hosting a radio show in Korean and his thoughts on interacting with international fans, then this is the interview not to be missed. And as a bonus, a few lines of Kevin singing to Rihanna’s Umbrella, which we absolutely love!

Heartfelt thanks to the awesome team at Arirang Radio for making this possible.

More photos from the interview:


Do continue to show your support to Hot Beat, happening daily on Arirang Radio, from 12-2AM (KST). No better way to end your night than with Kevin’s soothing voice.

To an awesome one year, and many more years to come, with DJ Kevin!


(x)clusive will be giving away DJ Kevin’s autographed Polaroid! Stay tuned!


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