(x)clusive!: Topp Dogg puts on Topp Klass Performance in Singapore

Text/Videos By: Madel | Photos By: Germx, Linda | Edited By: Germx
Text/Videos By: Madel | Photos By: Germx, Linda | Edited By: Germx

Topp Dogg, comprising of members P-Goon, Kidoh, X-ero, Gohn, Yano, A-Tom, Hansol, B-Joo, Jenissi, Hojoon, Seogoong, Sangdo and Nakta, held their first ever, overseas fanmeet in Singapore last Sunday. Held in a cosy auditorium that allowed ample close interactions with the fans, the boy group belt out to a couple of their hit tracks, played games with ToppKlass and shared some of their thoughts on Singapore. Read on to find out more!


Starting off with a bang, the boys performed debut track Say It/Use Your Words amid loud cheers and fan chants, wowing the fans with their strong choreography. Topp Dogg then subsequently performed to Cigarette – which was the first time they had performed live – and pop track Cute Girl, where several members left the stage to get closer to the fans.

Member Kidoh also performed his solo stage A Girl Like You, while Team Wizard (Hansol, Hojoon, B-Joo and X-ero) put on a special dance performance, showcasing their hip-hop grooves that had audience cheering.

During the talk segment, all 13 members took turns to introduce themselves, even speaking in English and Mandarin (Seogoong) much to the fans’ delight. Being here in Singapore for the first time, member B-Joo stated that the country is very clean, and the warm weather is welcoming since it is really cold in Korea right now. When it came to local delicacies, Kidoh shared that they’ve tried Chili Crab, while fans recommended Chicken Rice, which the members said that they would love to try.


Being a very big group, the leader P-Goon commented that one of the good thing is that it allows them to expand on their music versatility. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to eat or go anywhere together. Kidoh elaborated that they never get bored, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Good news for ToppKlass as P-Goon confirmed that they will be having a comeback with their second mini-album Arario (with Open The Door as title track) on the 16th of January, and that they will also be doing sub-unit promotions.


When asked what they would like to achieve in the new year, Kidoh said that he wants to film a CF in Singapore. Member Yano, upon hearing that, stepped it up by a notch by saying that he wish to release a solo album right here in Singapore!


Of course, a fan meet is never complete without games as Topp Dogg played Charades and Shake Off The Post-Its with several lucky fans, evoking laughter and applause for their efforts.

Besides special performances and games, Singapore ToppKlass managed to catch a glimpse of their comeback teaser Open The Door (Vocal. version) ahead of their official release, as well as a video clip showing the members’ childhood and trainee photos all the way to their debut stage photos, showing how far they’ve came along.

As a finale to the fan meet, Topp Dogg hyped up the arena with a fun version of Say It that includes lots of hearts being thrown to the audience, and members could be seen having fun among themselves right on the stage. At the end, they did not forget to shout “I love you!” and “See you next time!”, bowing and thanking the fans for coming down.

All fans then proceeded with the complimentary high-touch session, where they got the chance to get up close and personal with each member. With that, the fan meet is officially over.

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