(x)clusive!: Christmas with Lunafly

Text/Photos By: Germx | Videos By: Richelle
Text/Photos By: Germx | Videos By: Richelle

Back with another round of music goodness, Lunafly did not disappoint when they returned to Singapore for their second showcase ‘Christmas with Lunafly’ last Saturday, 21st December 2013. With this event being held at JCube’s Rooftop Garden, the venue (and the sound system) did absolutely no justice to the soothing voices and awesome music of Lunafly. It was however heartening, when fans of Lunafly (or more affectionately known as Lukies) complemented the trio and sang along whenever there was a technical glitch, which made the whole situation seem like a major karaoke session, indeed making the faults less glaring.

Of Originals and Covers


Known for posting their own rendition of various hit tracks’ covers on their official YouTube channel, Lunafly showcased what they are capable of by choosing some of the crowds’ favourites to perform – Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man, Pink’s Just Give Me A Reason, Joanna Wang’s I Love You (because Sam confessed that it was love at first ‘hearing’), West Life’s My Love, Backstreet Boys’ As Long As You Love Me, Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors (as per audiences’s request), Maroon 5’s Love Somebody, Chris Brown’s With You and not forgetting Avicii’s Wake Me Up.


And how could we forget Lunafly’s usuals including Day By Day, One More Step, You Got That Something I Need, Stardust, Poor Sense of Direction (Lunafly’s first OST Track for the drama Pretty Boy), Super Hero, What’s Your Name?, Help Me Find A Way and not forgetting Fly To Love.


With more than 15 songs performed and a Christmas Medley as an encore (where the members head down the stage to give roses to lucky Lukies), it was no doubt a showcase worth attending – one filled with good music and a good laugh.

Of Tenglish, Aegyo and Random Bickering


If you had attended Lunafly’s first showcase in Singapore back in May, you would have been familiar with Tenglish (Teo-style English). Just that this time around, Teo took it to a whole new level because even resident English speaker, Sam, had no idea what he was talking about. Perpetually curious as to how Lukies present at evening even understood what Teo was mumbling, Sam persistently asked “Do you really understand what Teo is speaking? How do you guys even understand?” It even resulted in the joke of the day when Teo commented that “My English is better than yours (referring to Sam)”, to which Sam retorted with “My Korean is better than Teo and Yun’s then”, earning bouts of laughter from everyone present.


Hardworking Teo even confessed that he is currently learning Chinese/Mandarin. Even though he is not that good now (which we all know from that usual six or seven phrases that he kept flaunting), he will work really hard so that he would be able to communicate comfortably with Lukies in the future. What Lukies remember the most would definitely be Teo’s pick-up lines “你今晚有空嗎? (T/N: Do you have time tonight?)” or “給我你的電話! (T/N: Give me your telephone number!)” Teo even showered his love, care and concern with”你想我嗎? (T/N: Do you miss me?)” and “你吃飽了嗎? (T/N: Have you eaten?)” And when things start to get awkward, he would go “對不起! (T/N: I’m sorry!)”


The highlight of the whole showcase was definitely the aegyo by the members. Check out the following video where Sam did aegyo, Teo did Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar and Yun did a kiss!

Of Lucky Dates


The highlight of the showcase was the moment whereby six lucky Lukies were chosen by the members themselves to go on a fan date. Were you one of the lucky one?

Curious as to how the individual members will confess to the girl they like? Then you got to check this video out!

To be honest, no better way to spend the weekend before Christmas than with the company of Lunafly. So what was your favourite moment of the showcase and were you one of the lucky girls that received their roses?

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A big thank you to East Entertainment for the event invite and do check out their Facebook and Twitter for their upcoming events!

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