(x)clusive!: Get Insane with A-JAX at Vizit Korea 2013!

Text By: Kimberly, Madel | Photos By: Jasmine | Edited By: Germx
Text By: Kimberly, Madel | Photos By: Jasmine | Edited By: Germx

A-JAX held their first stage performance in Singapore in conjunction with Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea and delighted the audience with a charming mix of boy-next-door friendliness and cool manliness. Fans were entertained for a full hour by their varied repertoire of catchy dance numbers and heartfelt ballads. In addition, they even got a chance to meet the boys up-close via an intimate hi-five session. Let’s recap the splendid evening in more detail!

The boys took the stage amidst rousing applause and opened the show with their debut track, ‘One 4 U’. The atmosphere rapidly heated up with the exciting number and the boys then further enflamed the venue by launching immediately into ‘Hot Game’, their follow-up single.


After the two songs, A-JAX took a breather and greeted fans before answering some questions put forth by the MC. A-Lights who had previously read our exclusive interview with A-JAX would surely love to know what other things the boys had to say about Singapore and themselves.

The MC started the ball rolling by asking them what they would love to try in Singapore. Jaehyung answered that they were really looking forwards to eating Chili Crab after the showcase. When asked about any places of interests to recommend Singapore fans should they visit Korea, Hyojun took the chance to recommend Hongdae due to its cheap street food and affordable shopping, stating that it would be an interesting trip. Yunyoung added Insadong to the list, explaining that it is a place where many foreigners would visit should they seek a traditional Korean-culture experience. The MC even joked that fans would love to visit any place as long as A-JAX is there, eliciting screams from A-Lights present at the showcase the moment the boys agreed that they would love to do that (walk the streets with the fans).


Moving on to their ideal type, Jaehyung brought about much confused glances when he mentioned that “There’s a Singaporean actress Julie…very cute.” It turns out that Jaehyung had filmed ‘A Date with K-pop Stars’ with Julie a few days prior to the showcase, together with Seungyeop and fellow DSP-labelmates Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Hyoyeon. Jaehyung also went on to say that he thinks the Singapore girls in the crowd are ‘cuties’ without hesitation, making fans swoon.


When asked as to whether there were any interesting sleeping habits from the members, Hyeongkon jumped at the chance once again, exposing Seungjin’s sleep-talking habits. He elaborated by saying that as he and Seungjin are roommates, there were many times the younger would talk and leader Hyeongkon ends up mistaking that he was awake when he was actually fast asleep. Intrigued, the MC probed further and asked the types of things he say, which Hyeongkon replied that there were many things, things like “Stop it, stop it!” and maknae Seungjin who was embarrassed, mentioned that he had no recollection of what happened.


On the question “What is your favourite A-JAX song concept”, Yunyoung spoke up and said that their newest release ‘Snake’ is the kind of genre that he really liked. Hyeongkon wrapped up the Q&A session by stating that the group will start promotional activities as soon as they get back to Korea, and should they receive lots of love calls from Singapore fans, there is a high chance of them returning to Singapore for promotions once again. Well, Singapore A-Lights, remember to show your support for the group!


After the talk segment, the boys continued with their showcase, warming up the crowd with a slow, touching ballad ‘Never Let Go’, then reversing the atmosphere in a snap with bad-boy number ‘2MYX’.


Up next was the segment that the audience had been looking forward to – games with the boys! The A-JAX members broke up into teams of twos (Yunyoung-Hyojun, Jaehyung-Hyeongkon, Seungyeop-Seungjin) to each challenge a section of the crowd in a mass game of ‘kawi-bawi-bo’ (Scissors-paper-stone). Excited shouts and groans rang through the hall as disappointed fans sat down and excitement mounted for those remaining in the game. Winners end up walking home with autographed CDs! Fans who lost the chance at the CD did not remain disappointed for long, for they were soon treated to a special cover performance of former-DSP seniors SS501’s ‘Because I’m Stupid’, OST soundtrack of the widely popular K-Drama “Boys Over Flowers” that showed off the A-JAX boys’ sweet vocals.


Having brought the audience so many surprises, the boys were surprised when they were presented with a cake prepared by their international fans in order to celebrate Seungyeop’s birthday, their upcoming comeback, and of course, their first overseas showcase (excluding Japan, in which they had officially debuted at). After a round of happy birthday song sang by the members and the fans together, the boys returned the favour to fans by having a hi-five session with every fan present. A few fans even teared up at this long-awaited chance to interact and talk with their favourite idols up-close.


Last but not least, the boys ended the showcase on a high note by performing their summer release, the addictive and ever-popular track “Insane“.

A big thank you to MediaCorp VizPro International for the opportunity to attend Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea! For more photos, do keep tabs and ‘like’ (x)clusive’s Facebook!

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