(x)clusive!: Behind-The-Scenes of Arirang’s After School Club (TASTY Edition)


The 25th episode of Arirang’s all-request music show, After School Club, featured the talented twins of TASTY.

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Text/ Photos By: Elizabeth | Edited By: Germx

The rehearsals for the live show started with TASTY performing to, Spectacular.

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Welcome to After School Club!

IMG_0994 copy
The adorable twins introducing the MCs!

IMG_0945 copy

Such fierce poses alongside crazy glitter bombs!

IMG_1092 copyIMG_1094 copy
IMG_0963 copyIMG_0999 copy

Not forgetting MC Eric enthusiastically trying to show off his colourful armpit hair!

IMG_0968 copy

Check out the epic expressions from the MCs.

IMG_0951 copyIMG_0959 copy

Now the show is good to go!

IMG_1027 copy

Can you tell the twins apart?

IMG_1004 copyIMG_1015 copy

Even the Arirang MCs and studio crew couldn’t tell them apart. Thankful for the nametags!

IMG_1023 copyIMG_1025 copy

Daeryong showing Soryong how he should pin the nametag!

IMG_1079 copyIMG_1082 copy

MC Eric explaining TASTY’s  fanclub name, TWINGS!

IMG_1032 copy

TASTY answering questions from the MCs and fans.

IMG_1020 copyIMG_1076 copy

Another dance break from TASTY!

IMG_1049 copyIMG_1055 copy

And then its time to learn the ‘point’ choreography from their latest song, MAMAMA!

IMG_1073 copyIMG_1068 copy

Check out the video link below if you missed this episode on this adorable duo!

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