(x)clusive!: Behind-The-Scenes of Arirang’s After School Club (BTOB Edition)


(x)clusive is back with another behind-the-scenes of Arirang’s all English, interactive music request show – After School Club.

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Text/ Photos By: Elizabeth | Edited By: Germx

This edition was a little special. With the intention of incorporating the celebration of chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), ASC invited fans to participate in this 90-minute long special episode, along with BTOB. In addition to regular MCs Eric Nam and LED Apple’s Hanbyul, Chocolat’s Tia also returned as a special MC for the episode and viewers were also treated to a rare sight of the MCs in hanboks (Korean traditional costumes).

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Like previous episodes, before the rehearsal goes underway, the MCs and guests were given short briefings.

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(A/N: See that bag of McDonald’s french fries on the table? The studio didn’t provide it, so it was most likely brought in by BTOB themselves. It’s heartening to know that despite maintaining their toned physiques, they still managed to indulge in some fast food.)

And the rehearsal begins (with some ‘drama’)!

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As chuseok is a holiday where family members gather together to celebrate, MC Eric got upset when the subject was brought up and even fake cried on the floor. Oh well, what better consolation than a hug from Minhyuk and Peniel.

And moving on from the ‘drama’…

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Let’s Hangout!

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What’s a Hangout without the flaunting of talents!

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Selected members of the audience and BTOB were divided into two groups for a game of charades, with MC Hanbyul and MC Eric leading one team each.

Group One

IMG_7589 copy IMG_7594 copy IMG_7602 copy IMG_7606 copy

Group Two

IMG_7648 copy IMG_7658 copy IMG_7677 copy IMG_7679 copy IMG_7707 copy IMG_7688 copy


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To keep up with the festive mood, jegijagi (Korean traditional game) was being played too. Two members of the audience were picked and were paired up with the BTOB members. (A/N: jegijagi is the Korean version of our ‘chapteh’)

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Tickets to Justin Bieber Concert in Korea

As this is a chuseok special, three tickets to Justin Bieber’s concert in Korea were given to three members of the audience. It was cute to note that Ilhoon seemed really interested in winning the ticket too.

IMG_7971 copy IMG_7983 copy

The team at (x)clusive hopes that you’ve enjoyed this post of After School Club (BTOB Edition). After School Club airs live every Wednesday on Arirang TV at 5pm.

And for Melodies who missed out this episode, you can watch it here:

We shall end this post with a quote from Peniel.

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“Whenever I get to speak English, I love it!”
– Peniel

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