(x)clusive!: Kpop Star Hunt 3 moves to FNC Enter – CNBLUE Jungshin shares about fashion, tips and CNBLUE members

CBLUE Jungshin

With reality audition programme K-POP Star Hunt returning for the third time after its success for the past two seasons, the anticipation is high! For the past 2 years, the programme was done in collaboration with CUBE Entertainment, but this year it has changed hands to band-centric agency FNC Entertainment. Home to popular K-Pop bands F.T. Island, CNBLUE, AOA, soloist Juniel and more, FNC Entertainment promises to be well-equipped with facilities for musicians as well as dance idols, having just opened a new FNC Academy building in Daegu recently. New missions and tasks will be set in a new environment, so there’s much to look forward to!

FNC Academy - Dance StudioFNC Academy - Music Studio

Yesterday, popular Korean band CNBLUE‘s bassist and youngest member Jungshin made a short appearance at JCube to meet fans as well as share about his experience as an artist. Asides revealing that he loved Singapore for its tranquil and beauty, he also exclaimed that the fans look more mature and prettier!

Having trained for three years before debut and having experience as a musician, actor and more, Jungshin shared that although there were a lot of hard times, the CNBLUE members support each other a lot, with him and Yonghwa being the best mood-makers. If he had to choose, he definitely loves being the bassist the best, but if he had the chance to try a role in a drama, he wanted to be a bad character.

CNBLUE Jungshin

Fans of CNBLUE would know that Jungshin has a huge interest in fashion and photography, and if he wasn’t an artist, Jungshin would be working for a fashion magazine. To describe his fashion of that night, Jungshin who was donned a cloud-designed shirt said it was to reflect the cleanliness of Singapore, and also revealed that he likes to collect metal accessories. However, he was a little shy to strike a pose when asked by the emcee – which was actually a plan to surprise him for his birthday! Jungshin will be turning 22 (international age) tomorrow, and as the fans sang him the birthday song, he happily ran offstage to greet the fans in person!

Jungshin also left some fashion and audition tips for those attending the K-Pop Star Hunt auditions tomorrow, check it out in the video below!

Kpop Star Hunt 3

The Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3 Singapore Auditions will be happening this Sunday, 11AM to 6PM at Bugis+ Atrium at Level 2. Walk-in auditions start at 11AM, so make sure you go early to register!

Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3 Singapore Auditions
Date: 15th September 2013
Time: 11am – 6pm (Walk-in Auditions: 11am – 1pm; Stage audition commences; 2.00pm onwards)
Venue: Bugis+, Level 2 Atrium

For more tips on the auditions, check out (x)clusive‘s previous exclusive interviews with past Kpop Star Hunt winners Sorn, Maressa and Jasmine, as well as with past Kpop Star Hunt judge Mr Park (CUBE Entertainment) on what are some standards entertainment companies scout for. Stay tuned for more news on (x)clusive!

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