[KTO] (x)clusive goes Surfing The Korean Wave!


30 individuals from 22 countries were invited by the Hallyu Tourism Team of Korea Tourism Organization to be part of the Surfing The Korean Wave Tour that was held from 4 – 10 August 2013. Representing some of the biggest K-Pop sites and fanclubs, this familiarization tour was a five-day all expense paid trip meant to experience and enjoy various aspects of the Korean Wave in Korea. As implied from Surfing The Korean Wave, this trip was specially thematically organized and executed for the participants to have a taste of all things Korean.

(x)clusive is proud to say that we represented Singapore on this trip, so do stay tuned as we bring you glimpses of the places we had visited and share our unique experiences with you readers out there.

Random After Thoughts

STKW Participants

To be honest, being on this Surfing The Korean Wave Tour was no doubt an eye-opener – meeting people behind some of the biggest K-Pop sites and well-established fanclubs around the world, understanding what they had done for the community back in their country and relating to all the hard work and efforts spent without expecting anything in return just for the love for K-Pop and Korean Culture. It was also after mingling with this group of amazing people that I realize how little (x)clusive is actually contributing and how much more we could actually grow. Though it was a mere five days, I was really glad this bunch of awesome people stepped into my life.

Last but not the least, a big THANK YOU to Korea Tourism Organization Singapore for this wonderful experience and (x)clusive will continue to promote the Hallyu Wave to all like-minded people out there as a Hallyu Supporter. To all our readers out there, thank you for staying with (x)clusive for the past four years. (x)clusive will definitely be better and stronger as we move together towards our fifth anniversary, tenth anniversary, twentieth anniversary!

Stay tuned to our upcoming articles, bringing you around Korea on the adventure! 😉

List of Articles:

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  • August 28, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    WOW, its fantastic to have been chosen to represent SG, so cool germy! I wouldve applied then and accompanied you. learning and immersing the culture… woot. Who was from my country?


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