[KTO] Korea in Motion Festival 2013


Heading to Korea during the month of September? Then why not be a part of Korea in Motion Festival 2013! This year is the eighth year the festival is running and like previous years, it will definitely be one that you wouldn’t want to miss.

What’s Korea in Motion (KOINMO)?KOINMO_logo

Korea in Motion (KOINMO) Festival is Korea’s leading performance festival that was started in 2006 by the Korea Tourism Organization. KOINMO acts as a platform to provide domestic and international tourists opportunities to enjoy Korean performances at more affordable rates in the month of September, in an attempt to revitalize the performance tourism industry of Korea.

Opening Ceremony (feat. Honorary Ambassador MBLAQ)


What better way to kick-off the KOINMO Festival than an opening ceremony with Honorary Ambassador, MBLAQ. To all A+ who are in Korea during this period, do remember to catch the boys performing at the Opening Ceremony!

Date: 31 August 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 6 – 9PM (KST)
Venue: Cheonggye Plaza, Seoul
What to expect: Pre-performance, Official Ceremony, Showcase, Appointment of Honorary Ambassador and Congratulatory Performance (MBLAQ)

KOINMO’s List of participating performances

[Non-verbal Performance]

Action Drawing Hero, B-boy City in Seoul – Kung, Bibap, DrumCat, Fantastick, Jami, Jump, Marionette, MISO, Misuda, Nanta, Original Drawing Show, Sachoom


Wharang, Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy

Rush Ticket

During the KOINMO Festival, which lasts for the whole month of September, discounts of at least 30% will be given. Doesn’t this sound like an awesome opportunity to catch some performances which you’ve always wanted to watch?

Ticket Sales Period: 1 September 2013 (Sunday) – 30 September 2013(Monday)
Time: 12PM to 6PM (KST)
Venue: Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters (Front Yard – General Ticket Booth)

You can also head over to KOINMO’s website to check out the discounted pricing of various performances. For the full listing of all the event schedule for the month of September, you can refer here.

KOINMO Stylist Contest

Have flair in graphic designing and want to win a pair of return tickets to Korea? This is your chance to shine!


Do head over here should you decide to join this contest.

Glimpse of Korea in Motion Festival 2012

코인모 개막식 축하공연 비밥 무대코인모 개막식 축하공연 판타스틱 무대

코인모 개막식을 가득채운 관객들

Do visit the Korea in Motion website should you need more information on this awesome festival and don’t forget to participate in the KOINMO Stylist logo contest!

One thought on “[KTO] Korea in Motion Festival 2013

  • August 26, 2013 at 6:07 AM

    Before I moved back from Korea to Germany I visited “Korea in Motion”. It took place in Daegue in Nov 2007. Great Festival in a great city, very pleasant and less crowded than Seoul. Why is it since several years in Seoul? Aren’t there already too many festivals? Isn’t Seoul already horribly packed with events and people? Does Korea only consist of Seoul? Why not call it “Seoul in Motion”? There are similar festivals in France, in Orange (not in Paris), or in Great Britain in Edinburgh (not in London). I always thought the unbalanced development is an issue that Koreans want to address to become an advanced nation.


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