2013 GIRLS’ GENERATION World Tour – Girls & Peace – in Singapore on 12th October

Girls' Generation

Image courtesy of Running Into The Sun

As announced earlier by SNSD themselves at Asia Style Collection 2013, the girls will be back for a full-fledged concert “2013 GIRLS’ GENERATION World Tour – Girls & Peace – in Singapore” on 12th October 2013. This will be their second solo concert held in Singapore, the first being in 2011.

Concert Information

Date: 12th October 2013
Time: 6PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticketing Information

Seating Map

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Ticket Prices: VIP ($288), Moshpit ($248), Terrace ($248), Balcony ($178)

Ticket Sales

Priority sales for Carlo Rino customers begin on 23 Aug 2013, with public sales commencing on 24 Aug 2013. Carlo Rino customers will have to present either a valid Carlo Rino receipt or original Carlo Rino product at any Sistic outlet on 23 Aug 2013 during opening hours. In addition to this, the first 100 pairs of tickets purchased by Carlo Rino customers will be entitled to a 10% discount, with a maximum of 4 tickets purchased per transaction. This discount is not applicable for the VIP category and is valid for one pair per customer.

Tickets have been set aside for public sales that will begin on 24 Aug 2013, 10am via all SISTIC channels. Visit the ticketing page over here.

2013 GIRLS’ GENERATION World Tour – Girls & Peace – in Singapore is proudly presented by Carlo Rino, sponsored by Laurier, Liese and Essential, and organized by SM Entertainment, Dreammaker Entertainment and Running Into The Sun.


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  2. What do VIP ticket holders get? Do they get autograph signing? Got shake hand with celeb anot??

  3. Can we bring our dslrs along?

  4. the ticket for public do we get it online or do we have to go to any sistic outlet and queue to buy the ticket?

    • Both methods are possible, as long as it is via SISTIC. You may purchase it from their website, hotline, or at any SISTIC-authorized agents islandwide.

  5. What privilege the VIPs have?

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