(x)clusive! – Music Matters Live 2013: “Hi, my name is David Choi and I’m from the Internet.”

Reported by Delight Ng and Geraldine Lee

David Choi at MML13

Beer Market was once again host to a variety of stellar performances as artists continued to draw crowds in on the 2nd day of Music Matters Live 2013. Fans of American-born Korean YouTube star David Choi were in for a treat as he gave a live performance of his newest songs and entertained them with his witty commentary.

“Hi, my name is David Choi and I’m from the Internet.” 

His straightforward introduction caused laughter to erupt from the crowd and it set the mood for an enjoyable evening. Along with a backup drummer, David Choi had fans smiling and clapping along to songs from his latest album Forever and Ever – Underneath Your Love, Can’t Take This Away, Missing Piece, Lucky Guy, This and That is Life, You Were My Friend and By My Side.

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The room was filled with laughs, cheers and applause as David Choi joked and shared personal stories with the audience in between songs. He casually mentioned (to much screaming) that he wanted to throw shirts during his performance however, he did not bring one that evening (he brought six) and if they wanted it, they should attend his last performance.

The YouTube star had other things up his sleeve when he surprised the audience with his skill of beatboxing! Not to be outdone, his drummer pulled off a perfect imitation of a trumpet while playing the drums at the same time.


He talked about his new video as well as his experience at the Social Star Awards where he had the chance to walk down the red carpet, talk to people and meet other stars. But the glitzy experiences aside, David Choi mentioned that it was awkward and he feels more at home in personal setting such as the one at Beer Market. Although he was disappointed that he did not meet PSY, he said he would love to get the chance to do so.

It was not long before he had only a few minutes left to the end of his set. For his last song, David Choi performed a verse and a chorus of the keyboard-only version of By My Side, something which he has not tried before. The audience sang along, even singing one more chorus when he had stopped playing and singing. 

The self-proclaimed foodie thanked the crowd and left them with these last words as he stepped off the stage.

“I love chicken rice.”

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