(x)clusive!: #MML13 Coverage: A fantastic K-Pop Night Out! with Lena Park, M.I.B, SPICA, AoA and more

Reported by: Delight Ng, Photography by: Geraldine and Wanling


One of the most anticipated segments of the Music Matters Live 2013 was without a doubt, K-Pop Night Out! featuring a wide range of Korean artists of all genres, such as Park Juwon & Jeon Jeduk, Ace of Angels (AoA), Eastern Sidekick, SPICA, M.I.B and Lena Park. Many fans came at least 8 hours earlier to reserve a good spot to catch their favourite artistes in action.

Act 1 – Park Ju Won and Jeon Je Duk

Jeon Jeduk and Park Juwon

Park Juwon & Jeon Jeduk brought our beloved Korean dramas to life as they performed tunes from the original soundtracks. Together with a special guest on the flute, they played Caval (from 돈의 화신 Incarnation of Money OST), 슬픔 피에스타 (Fiesta Of Sorrows) and Night In Camp Nou. Scenes from the original dramas themselves were played behind on the large screen and the audience got the chance to relive the experience of watching the drama all over again. Juwon & Jeduk‘s set ended on a high note with a special cover of the 007 James Bond Theme Song!

Act 2 – AoA (Ace Of Angels)


Following that, the stage lit up with lights and beauty as the 12 girls from all-female idol band Ace of Angels (AoA) took the stage for their debut song – Elvis. AoA also performed the dance versions of their other hit songs such as Temptation, Love Is Only You and Get Out. Fanboards, banners and cameras were in the air as excited fans of the band chanted along in unison to the fanchants and tried their best to get a glimpse of them. It was a true testament to their growing popularity, having only debuted last year. The girls interacted with the audience, making a point to wave and throw a smile as they each took their turn to sing their lines. They looked really happy to be performing on stage and the crowd, especially ELVIS (as their fans are called) were sad to see them leave.


Act 3 – Eastern Sidekick

Eastern Sidekick

The mood shifted into high gear as Korean rock band Eastern Sidekick, helmed by vocalist Oh Juhwan belted out high-energy rock numbers and soulful ballads. His control of both the stage and the mic was impressive. The rock spirit reigned with guitarists Ryu Inhyeok and Go Hankyul and their impressive guitar solos, bassist Bae Sanghwan and Go Myungcheol on the drums. They had the audience head-banging in unison to their heavy beats. irregardless of race or nationality as everyone enjoyed the mini-rock concert.

Act 4 – SPICA


SPICA opened the second half of the concert with Lonely, showcasing impressive vocals along with dance choreography. Cameras immediately were raised in the air as fans tried to record their performance to keep as a momento. Well-known as being a group with powerful voices, they proved that the title was not just for show. They followed up with their title songs – Painkiller and Russian Roulette, their debut song. SPICA also prepared a special version of Intensely which they performed with a backup band instead of with an instrumental track. Without the presence of recorded audio, their vocals shone even more. For the final track – I’ll Be There, the girls of SPICA let loose and had fun on stage giving fanservice to their fans and interacting with the crowd. They left the stage after with large smiles on their face as they waved to the audience.

Act 5 – M.I.B

The crowd didn’t have long to wait before the leader of 4-member hip-hop group M.I.B, 5zic, swaggered out onto stage with a mic in hand as he launched right into the opening lyrics of M.I.B ... As each member took their turn to enter at their respective parts of the song, fans cheered to show support for their favourite members and the group.


Having performed previously at Music Matters Live 2012 with label mates – Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae & Bizzy, they coolly commanded the stage with their presence, even though their songs weren’t accompanied by any fancy choreography. This time they were back for a longer set, performing all the songs from their new album Money In The Building – Money In the Building, Hello Goodbye, Mess (난장판), Nod Along and their debut song G.D.M. It was a party at Clarke Quay with everyone jumping, singing along and cheering with them. Echoes of “Girls Dreams Money!” could be heard throughout the area.



Final Act – Lena Park

Lena Park

Last but not least was soloist, Lena Park. An R&B singer of Korean-American descent, she connected easily with the crowd, speaking to them in perfect English. Together with a backup band, she serenaded the crowd with ballads such as Phil Collins’ Against All Odds, Any Other Man and In Dreams. There was hardly anything lacking in her performance despite being the only soloist in the K-Pop Night Out! lineup. The lights cast a beautiful blue glow over the audience as she held them enraptured with her soulful voice and amazing high notes. Although she started out sitting down, she decided to walk around to get up and close with the audience and making them feel like a part of the performance.

The 3-hour long K-Pop Night Out! live soon came to an end much to the dismay of all fans and supporters alike. Not just a 3-hour long showcase of various Korean talent but it was also an amazing 3-hours of proof that music surpasses all language and racial boundaries with non-fans and passer-bys stopping to join in the fun at various points in time. It definitely was a night not to be missed and the only regret was that it should have been longer.


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