(x)clusive!: LUNAFLY talks about Friends, Family, Favourite Girl Groups


Acoustic trio Lunafly is in Singapore for the first time for their first showcase and fansign event which will be held on the 11th & 12th May respectively.

On Friday, the trio consisting of Sam, Yun and Teo held their press conference at Studio M Hotel and shared their thoughts on their fans, their latest album, their ideal type of women and their source of inspiration.

First of all, Singapore fans & about ‘Fly To Love’

When asked about what they felt about their fans, Lunafly‘s leader, Sam, was quick to mention that they received an extremely warm welcome by Singapore Lukies at the airport and that they were really grateful for the love and support received.

The boys were then asked to describe their latest album ‘Fly To Love’ and Sam mentioned that they were more experimental on their new album as compared to their previous one. With the current trend of idol groups coming up with both Korean and English versions of their songs, Sam added that Lunafly‘s songs are always written in English first and followed by the Korean version.

Ideal Types and Favourite Girl Group?

The next question immediately brought laughter to the floor as the boys were asked if they preferred younger or older women. To this, Teo cheekily replied that he loves ‘Everything’ and Yun prefers older women.

When asked about their favourite girl group, the boys answered Hello Venus, who are coincidentally also fans of them. Teo further elaborated that he hoped to collaborate with 2NE1 while Yun picked Girls’ Generation.

Covers and Inspiration

Having done many solo song covers, they were asked if there were plans to release solo songs. To this, Lunafly replied that they currently have no intentions of releasing solo tracks as they are still focusing on group activities at this point.

They were then asked who and what inspired them to start doing music. Teo who plays the keyboard answered that jazz pop singer Jamie Cullum is his inspiration. Yun on the other hand loves Eric Clapton and John Mayer as they inspired him to start doing music. Having lived in London, Sam picked the Beatles as his inspiration and mentioned that “Yesterday” and “Let it be” are his favourite songs from the legendary band.

Lunafly 2

With their showcase happening on 12th May at Hardrock Cafe, Singapore Lukies can anticipate a special performance unique to every country prepared specially by the talented trio.

They were then asked where would they see themselves in five years and they replied that they hope to be busy with activities and to be known all over the world, holding tours throughout different countries.

The boys also mentioned that there are no differences in behaviour on and off the stage as they are just being themselves.

Lunafly’s family ties

With Mother’s Day around the corner, the boys were asked how they usually express their love for their Mums. Teo mentioned that he gives his Mum money while Sam will buy flowers for his. Yun mentioned that he tries to call his mum as often as he could so as not to make her worry. Sam also shared about not being able to meet his parents for the past year and a half due to their hectic schedules.

When asked about one thing that they would keep from their parents, Sam said that the industry is tougher than what he had imagined it to be. As such, he hides the fact that he is constantly sleep deprived and that he skip meals due to busy schedules. However, he got himself into a little ‘trouble’ when his parents started asking the reason as to why he is looking skinnier from the pictures. Yun on the other hand doesn’t keep secrets from his parents as he doesn’t want them to worry. He also mentioned that his mum is proud of him since he is already starting to earn at such a young age. Teo‘s confession of having a secret bank account got the crowd laughing while the other members hinted that he might have started earning some money they don’t know about.

Of friendships and first impressions…

On their first impressions of each other when they first met, Sam and Yun both said that they thought Teo was a girl because of his pretty looks and long hair. They later realised that he is actually a guy the moment he started talking. Teo on the other hand said that Yun is really good looking and when he met Sam, he just went “OMG! SAM CARTER!” Yun and Teo also shared how amused they were whenever Sam speaks in Korean because he looks like a foreigner.

Looking at how comfortable the boys are with each other, along with their great chemistry, Sam commented that it is because they are really good friends.

They were later asked about their pet peeves. Yun said he dislikes Sam being a workaholic as Sam could really go on working for long periods of time and Teo jokingly added how Sam would hum tunes even in his sleep. Sam and Teo also shared about how immersed Yun can be while playing the guitar. The members had to repeatedly call Yun to get his attention. He is almost inseparable once he is on the guitar. The members later commented how Teo loves to sleep and waking him up is one of the hardest things to do every morning.

Lunafly 3

Surviving in the Korean music industry, which group do they wish to be in?

The boys are also confident with their music and they do not feel pressured by the many upcoming groups and current pop dance numbers that we commonly see in many idol groups these days. They will also continue creating a music style that is uniquely Lunafly. Making music together, the boys often ran into disagreements as they each have different tastes in music. They however, are able to respect each other’s opinions and hence find common ground.This has helped them to come up with even better music pieces.

When asked which idol group they would want to be in, without hesitation, they picked labelmates Brown Eyed Girls. Sam added that their seniors are not just doing any song but give a lot of thought into everything they do and the kind of music they want to put forward.

With the number of growing idol bands, they were asked if they see themselves as a boyband and to that Sam replied that he prefers Lunafly to be labelled as a group rather than a boyband as there is no set image or mould that they have to fit into.

lunaflypc3 lunaflypc4 lunaflypc5

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