(x)clusive!: CNBLUE thanks Singapore fans at BLUE MOON Press Conference

Four-member Korean rock band CNBlue is finally back in town for their first full-fledged concert ‘2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour’, which took place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 13th April.

On the day before their concert, the boys had a press conference at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, which commenced right after a photo call and short introductions by each of the members.

When asked on the groups’ thoughts on Singapore, Yonghwa mentioned that Singapore is very clean, and has very beautiful night scenery, while Minhyuk expressed that they are very thankful for fans that went to the airport to welcome them.

With regards to their preparation for the concert and what fans can anticipate, the boys said that for the ‘2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour’, they are going to focus on delivering a true live band experience, instead of just grand stages with fanciful costumes.

And as this is their first full-fledged concert in Singapore, Jungshin mentioned that he is very excited to meet all their fans. Yonghwa stated that it is going to be very fun and fans can look forward to them performing songs from their latest album while Minhyuk wishes that fans can enjoy themselves to the fullest during the concert. They are a rock band after all, so scream your hearts out!

CBLUE and JJ LinCNBLUE Yonghwa

When being asked about singer JJ Lin, who posted a group picture with them on twitter about him visiting CNBLUE during their Taiwan stop, Yonghwa mentioned that they are friends and he was even wearing a tee that the Singaporean superstar gifted him.

The band also talks about their gratitude toward their fans. Yonghwa feels very grateful, privileged and Jonghyun feels more appreciative of what they are having right now because of all the hard times they had been through, and he is also thankful for the fans’ support since debut, because they would not be where they are today without them.


As the members have all tried their hands at acting previously, many fans are surely curious as to whether any of them would be taking up new roles soon. To this, the boys said they would consider any opportunities they are given, but they will, of course, be putting their world tour as priority for now.

The boys were also taught the Singlish word ‘LAH’ and they were so addicted to using it that Yonghwa started adding it to the end of everything he said, such as “How are you lah?”, “I am very happy lah”, and “Enjoying lah”.


(x)clusive would like to thank ONE Production for giving us this opportunity to cover the press conference. For more pictures, view them at our Facebook page!

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