(x)clusive!: Actor Song Seung Heon visits Singapore for Time Slip Dr Jin


Actor Song Seung Heon is back in Singapore once again to promote drama Time Slip Dr. Jin’, which is scheduled to broadcast in April on Channel U.  Greeting the media in English with a dashing smile, Song Seung Heon shares his thoughts on the drama, fellow actors and more in the press conference held on Friday afternoon .

Check out the details of the press conference below!


Question: This is the first time you have acted in a time-travelling drama. What were your thoughts when you first heard about the offer?

Song Seung Heon: As it was my first time playing a role in a period drama where my character time travels to the past, I do feel pressured. However, even though my character was in the Joseon era, my role does not require me to speak in period language so it wasn’t all that stressful.

Question: Since Time Slip Dr. Jin is a time-travel and period drama, what kind of special preparation did you do for the role?

Song Seung Heon: No matter what, it was my first time acting as a doctor, so I’ve had difficulties with the medical terms. At first I was merely memorizing all the medical terms, with a professional helping me with them. But after a while, I had gotten used to it, became better with both enacting the surgical scenes and reciting the medical terms. The staff members like to joke that I could be a real doctor now.

Question: What were some of the memorable, interesting instances in the drama?

Song Seung Heon: I think it’s very interesting having the chance to delve into the Joseon history and to understand the historical figures. While shooting for this drama, I’ve always wondered how is it like to really time travel to the past to meet them and to live in that time period. It is a brand new experience for me each time I step onto the set.

Question: Since the role in this drama requires quite a bit of medical knowledge, did you specially learn all the medical terms and the surgical procedures from a professional doctor?

Song Seung Heon: This drama is very realistic and uses real surgical equipment. And because it’s so realistic, the props at the scene like the dissection of the various body parts could make some people uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable initially but after a while, I got used to it and felt neutral about them.


Question: For this drama, you’ve worked with great actors like Lee Bum Soo, Park Min Young and even Kim Jae Joong. Can you share your experience working with them?

Song Seung Heon: Firstly, I’ve known Lee Bum Soo for 10 years plus, and I’ve learnt a lot from him. He is an experienced actor that really knows how to flesh out a character and bring it to life, and I could see his passion in acting. Park Min Young and Kim Jae Joong are relatively new actors, but both are very hardworking. Especially Park Min Young – even though she looks really feminine and gentle, I was initially worried whether she could do well in her role. However, my worries were unfounded as she worked really hard and did well. For Kim Jae Joong, as he is an idol from JYJ, many people thought that he didn’t know how to act, but he really put in a lot of effort and did well too.

Question: You’ve participated in the OST for this drama and have gotten good comments. Have you thought of becoming a singer and releasing an album?

Song Seung Heon: Quite a few people have mentioned this to me, but I don’t think I did well. It was the audio technology that helped. I’m not confident in singing. I don’t think I’ll become a singer or release an album, but I do think that singing an OST for a drama I’m in is meaningful, so if there are similar chances in the future, I’ll do it again.

Question: If you could go back in time, which time period would you go?

Song Seung Heon: Many people wish to have this chance to time travel to a period they want, including me. I’d like to go back in time to see historical figures or go to the future to see my old(er) self. However, if there is only one chance to time travel, I would want to go back to my school days to revisit my friends and the life back then. I’d probably reconsider many choices too, including my career choice as an actor.

Question: What was the most interesting episode you had while filming for Time Slip Dr. Jin?

Song Seung Heon: Well, the filming was done back in summer and we had to wear very thick clothes and wigs. Thus, whenever we go for breaks, Park Min Young, Kim Jae Joong and the rest of us will take out the layers of clothing. It’s really tough. If I remember any other interesting episodes that happened, I’d let you know again.

Question: Being in this industry for almost 20 years, what else do you want to try?

Song Seung Heon: I’ve also been asked this many times. There are still a lot of characters I would like to try out. So far most of the roles I’ve played are nice guys fighting for justice and I want to make a 180-degree change and try characters like murderers or psychopaths. I want to try as many roles as possible.

Question: Which one would you choose if you could: 1) Go back in time, sacrifice yourself and be a doctor in the past to pass down present day medical knowledge or 2) Return to the present.

Song Seung Heon: Well, many deaths in the olden times could be avoided with a simple injection in the current times. I feel that it was a shame and I would want to save lives if I could go back. However, I also believe that everything has its own sequence and history is already fixed, so I can’t really change it. There are those that died in the past, but there are also those that are living in the present, and I think I would choose to return to the present.

Question: As an actor, your schedule is undeniably very packed. How do you spend your time outside your schedule and what do you do during your spare time for leisure?

Song Seung Heon: I am pretty much like every other normal people. If I’ve got the time, I’ll go and have fun. I’ll meet up with junior-high and high school friends to drink and since we’ve got sports as a common hobby, we’ll hang out to play golf. Sometimes I would just relax at home and watch some DVDs on my own.

Much thanks to Channel U for extending the media invite to (x)clusive. Do follow Channel U on Twitter and Facebook if you haven’t.

Time Slip Dr. Jin will be broadcasted on Channel U from 1st April from Mondays to Fridays at 10pm. Do remember to catch it.

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