(x)clusive!: The new year ahead with SKarf and M.I.B – Celebrate 2013 Press Conference

2646375495DC3566D51A87B4EDE44CWhat better way than to usher in the new year with the biggest party in town at Celebrate 2013! Get ready for a spectacular line up of international and local artistes, magnificent midnight fireworks and the ultimate dance party to welcome the New Year, starting from 7.30pm all the way to 3am!

Brace yourself for energetic performances by Hip-Hop K-Pop group M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters), velvety smooth vocals by Malaysia’s Sheila Majid, Singapore-Korean girl group SKarf, front man of pop band The Click Five, Kyle Patrick and Singapore’s very own Taufik Batisah.

(x)clusive got to the chance to meet SKarf, M.I.B, Kyle Patrick and Sheila Majid at an intimate media session and we managed to get some heads up of what to expect at Celebrate 2013, how the artistes usually spend their countdowns and what’s there to anticipate from them in 2013.



With the recent announcement of the change in members for the Singapore-Korean girl group, SKarf, the group is now re-born into a 5-member team comprising of Tasha, Ferlyn, Jenny, JooA and Hana.

How do the members feel about celebrating the New Year in another country?

Jenny: This is my first time celebrating the New Year without my family but I’m looking forward to celebrating it with everyone.

How does it feel like to debut and perform on Singapore’s national countdown?

JooA: As there are two members in SKarf who are Singaporeans, I feel that it’s an honour to perform in the hometown of our members, Tasha and Ferlyn, and debut on this stage. We are working really really hard now so please do show us some support tomorrow.

As the leader of the group, what are your future plans for SKarf?

Tasha: We are currently preparing for our comeback and we are scheduled to comeback in next year February. So please look forward to a new SKarf and support us.

How is it like to work together with the new members now that the dynamics of the group has changed? What are the challenges?

Tasha: I think now as a 5-member group, we are a stronger team in terms of vocals and also our team work so just look forward to our comeback and we will show all of you the best of 5 of us.

Are all the members of SKarf studying?

Ferlyn: We are all studying actually, as or me, I’m studying Korean. But then for our youngest member Jenny, she is actually juggling with both school and performances. We all have a lot of plans in the future, be it acting or maybe emceeing so we are also taking lessons as well so please do look forward because there are many things Skarf would like to show.

Do you have an international artiste that you look up to or people you would like to work with?

Ferlyn: We appreciate music as a whole. The meaning of SKarf is that we are very versatile and we would like to show everybody the different types of music that we would produce in the future. We are also studying music composing now and I actually look up to Jason Mraz for music compositions.

Is there like a some sort of dream collaboration?

Tasha: I think as for now we are concentrating on what we have. In the future we hope to work with as many artistes as possible.

Were there any interesting happenings due to the different language backgrounds?

Jenny: I know Singlish. I know one sentence of Singlish. No lah, very mafan leh.

We heard that the Korean members have taken a liking to Mandarin. Are you all going to do a song in Mandarin or something?

Tasha: We may have a Chinese song in our next album so just look forward.

2013 is coming so will you share with us your New Year resolution?

Tasha: To show all of you a new SKarf next year hope that the new album will be a success.

So how many songs will you perform at Celebrate 2013?

Tasha: Our title song Oh! Dance. One song only.

Any last words to say to the crowd?

Tasha: Thank you so much for the love and support you’ve given us and please do continue to support us and look forward to a brand new SKarf.



What do your stage names mean and how do they come about?

SIMS: SIMS used to be my nickname when I was younger, and I felt it would be more friendly if I used it as my stage name.

5zic: (host read it as five-zic earlier on) I’m not five-zic, I’m oh-zic (a/n: 5 in Korean is pronounced as ‘Oh’). In English, it’s like “Oh!”.

Kangnam: In Korean, Kangnam means strong man. I’m not Gangnam Style? (Host: Do people go up to you and dance Gangnam Style? Do you hate that?) No, I love it.

Cream: Cream stands for Cash Roll Everyday Around Me.

This is the second visit here in Singapore. How do you feel?

5zic: We’re so happy. Thank you for inviting us. We’ll try our best, so hope you’ll enjoy our stage tomorrow.

Is there one thing you would like to do in Singapore or food you would like to eat?

5zic: I would like to take the Transformers ride! Is it scary? (Host: No, it is not. It’s like a sit down 4D ride) Ah~ it’s not scary.

What do you think about the hip-hop scene in Korea?

M.I.B: We think that Korean hip-hop is more varied and popular than hip-hop in other countries.

If you could collaborate with an artiste who will it be?

SIMS: I would like to collaborate with Wiz Khalifa.

Kangnam: Lil’ Wayne?

If you could switch bodies with a fellow member for one day, who would it be?

Kangnam: It would be 5zic. He’s very mascular. He has muscles. So big, so big.

5zic: It would be Kangnam-hyung cause of pretty face.

Cream: SIMS cause he is a very long boy. I mean tall.

SIMS: Cream-hyung cause he is small boy.

If you are not in M.I.B today, what you want to be?

Kangnam: School teacher?

Cream: If I’m not in M.I.B, I still want to do something related to hip-hop or music.

5zic: I want to be a freeman and travel around the world.

SIMS: I would like to travel with my family and friends.

If you have 1 million dollars, what would you do?

Kangnam: I wanna buy a house.

Cream: I want a house too.

5zic: I wanna go travelling

SIMS: I will be a house. (Host: You all have no house?)

5zic: We stay in the dormitories now so…

Much thanks to Mediacorp for the event invitation and (x)clusive is totally looking forward to Celebrate 2013. For those who are still interested to be part of this party, you could still grab your tickets at the door at $25.

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