(x)clusive!: One starry party at Pinnacle of the H-Artistry Trilogy 2012 in Malaysia

Written by: Lydia
Edited by: André Ahchak of Channel Raw


Cognac house Hennessy holds its H-Artistry event annually in Malaysia, where party-goers (aged 21 and above) get to drink, party and enjoy a night with famous international stars.

At this year’s the Pinnacle of H-Artistry Trilogy 2012, international stars Alexandra Burke (winner of The X-Factor 2008), Havana Brown from Australia and Starkillers from the USA were invited, together with Korean entertainment company Stardom Entertainment’s top group Block B and rookie girl group EvoL who debuted earlier this year.

Block B
Block B
Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke

The show opened with a dance-cum-drum performance after which the lights dimmed as Block B’s logo flashed across the screen above the 360-degree stage – signalling the official start of the concert.

Block B kicked off their set with their latest song “Nillili Mambo” from their album Blockbuster, followed by “No Joke” performed by the group’s rapper trio: Zico, Park Kyung and P.O. then wrapped up with previous hit “Nanlina”.


During a short interval, member Jaehyo expressed the group’s honour and joy to be performing at H-Artistry while B-Bomb added that it was their second time in Malaysia, and they enjoyed their time in Kuala Lumpur very much. Taeil introduced their title track “Nillili Mambo” composed by Block B’s very own leader Zico and hopes everyone enjoys it as much as the recent global hit Gangnam Style by Psy.



Turning up the heat was X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke from the UK who got the cheers for her charismatic performance. She belted six songs, namely Heartbreak On Hold, All Night Long, Start Without You, Elephant, Let It Go and Bad Boy. The soloist left the crowd wanting more as she stunned them with her powerful vocals and effortless dance moves performing all her tracks back to back.


As a surprise, Block B’s rapper trio returned on stage for a special get together with Alexandra Burke, executing with finesse their rendition of “All Of The Lights”, originally by Kanye West featuring Rihanna. This collaboration was done specially for this H-Artistry stage.


Girl group EvoL was next to take the spotlight.  ”Let Me Explode” opened the girls’ debut appearance in Malaysia followed by “Magnet” and “We’re A Bit Different”, all from their first mini album released earlier this year. The girls greeted the audience with English-speaking members Hayana and Say telling the crowd how excited they were to perform at the event. The other members also tried their best to communicate in English as well.



Fans of EvoL (also known as Vollers) could not have missed their changed hairstyles – Hayana and Say’s half-blonde half-brown hair and dip-dyed blonde-pink hair respectively were both dyed back to black. Word has it that EvoL will be making a comeback in November, and fans can expect something new from the girls soon.


The party continued with Australian DJ Havana Brown and Starkillers from the USA with DJ mixing and performances to entertain the crowd for the rest of the night.

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Watch the HIGHLIGHTS clip of the H-Artistry Event!

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