[KPOP] KARA and Jang Seohee to present K-FOOD to the world

2012.10.2  K-FOOD Export Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

On October 2, K-pop girl group KARA and actress Jang Seohee were appointed as the Ambassadors of K-FOOD Export, also representing the launch of K-FOOD global campaign.

Seo Kyurong, the Minister of Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp, attended the Appointment Ceremony, as well as more than 200 KARA and Jang Seohee fans, some who came from Japan and China. During the Ceremony, fans and media watched KARA‘s K-FOOD CF, Making film UCC and a special recipe video featuring the KARA members and Jang Seohee for the very first time. These videos will be released on the internet for fans of K-FOOD all over the world.

KARA’s K-FOOD promotion campaign video

The K-FOOD Series CF contains of five parts, each part representing different themes and colours: Health (Black), Taste (Red), Nature (Green), Beauty (Yellow), Love (White). It also showcases each member of KARA, to help portray a more vivid image to K-FOOD customers all around world. KARA and Jang Seohee will participate in more related events this year, such as campaigns, fan meetings, to reach out to overseas customers about the good taste of K-FOOD.

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