(x)clusive!: Shinhwa “THE RETURN” Press Conference in Singapore

Decked in their signature orange, ShinhwaEric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Park Junjin and Andy Lee – appeared at the Press Conference venue with uncontainable smiles as they greeted the media that were present that evening.

Back in Singapore after 6 years, Shinhwa impressed those present with their charming and charismatic personalities. It is no wonder how the group can survive thus far in this highly saturated music industry and still strong after 14 years. The bond between them is not superficial friendship, but what one deem as strong brotherhood.

The light-hearted atmosphere that lingered throughout undeniably made the whole session really enjoyable, something not commonly found during a Press Conference. It came to a point whereby Minwoo declared upfront with “Some of you may think that we are too naughty during the press conference but we seek your understanding because this is due to the fact that the members are very close and bonded.” Dongwan even playfully added that “We are even worse when we are in Korea!” and Junjin agreed whole-heartedly with a “You’re right!”, causing a round of laughter. To be honest, even their individual greetings made a lasting impression.

Check out Dongwan and Minwoo’s greeting!

Eric expressed that it had been 6 years since Shinhwa came to Singapore as a group to perform for their fans (though he was here for filming twice) and the feeling is really great. Since this time around their schedule is not as packed, they would be doing some sightseeing in Singapore after the concert.

A cute episode that happened was when Minwoo was answering a question, Dongwan distracted the crowd by playing around with the microphone, resulting in Minwoo telling him off with “Don’t play with the mic!” and apologized on his behalf.

When asked on their thoughts about attracting not only the older generation but also the younger generation of fans, the members expressed that they are always thankful to those supporting them, regardless of their age. They even mentioned a memorable incident when the grandmother, mother and daughter from the same family came to their fansign in Korea and they felt that it was really heart-warming because not many boybands in Korea will have fans that spread across 3 generations.

Minwoo revealed that he came out the idea of opening a Shinhwa museum because he felt that it would be really meaningful to have a museum which could include the history of Shinhwa and stories of how each member had grown over the years. This museum (if it ever comes true) will serve as precious memories to the members and the fans.

Andy apologized for mentioning his plans for wanting to produce a nude photo album when he was being asked about it. He explained that the other 5 members did a nude photo shoot when he was not around thus he wanted to do one as well, but after much deliberation, he came to a conclusion that it was not a good idea and would only do it if all members are agreeable with it.

On whether they are satisfied with the results of their 10th album, Andy responded that the group are satisfied with their results thus far and have regained their confidence and the drive to keep moving and produce another album. He felt that the success of their latest album is not attributed to the fact that they are the longest running boyband, but the ongoing Hallyu Wave that has spread globally.

How do the members keep their stylish looks? Eric commented that Dongwan is good at impromptu styling, by using the things around him to their best. For Minwoo, he explained that the M-Style he portrays and the styling for the other members are the hard work of their stylists They all try to look good, even paying close attention to their hair, so as not to disappoint their fans. However, undergarment wise, the members try to keep it within themselves and not bother their stylists.

When asked on occasions whereby they felt really thankful towards the other members since they have known each other for about 14 years, Hyesung expressed that he is really thankful to have these wonderful members that he could rely on during difficult times and during the preparation of this concert when it could be really tiring but the members were always there for him.

Dongwan added that in Shinhwa, each member has their own role – one is in-charge of management, one is in-charge of choreography or one could be in-charge of the production of the album. Though their assigned roles are not easy, they usually keep all the hardships to themselves so as not to let the other members worry. One thing all members are thankful for is the brotherhood they have forged since they’ve known each other for more than 16 years (including their trainee days). They are thus really thankful for these 16 years, for they have been around and supporting each other just like real brothers.

Being a senior in the music industry, Eric expressed that Shinhwa’s return to the music scene is not about competing with the junior groups for popularity since they are not on the same level playing field. Instead, he would be more than happy to be a role model and a senior who guides them through his experiences instead.

The whole Press Conference was kept simple, but it was obvious through simple teasing and bickering that the relationship between the members is beyond close.

(x)clusive would like to thank Parallel Smart Media, Alpha Entertainment and Unusual Entertainment for giving us this wonderful opportunity to cover the press conference. Do stay tuned to (x)clusive as we update you with our concert review.

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