WIN! ★ K5J Showcase Pass & a Chance to take a Photo with KARA!

Kamilias ALERT!

As you guys already know, KARA will be making their way down to Singapore for the first time ever to hold a showcase and autograph session next month (more info here) – and in collaboration with Kara5Jewel or K5J, the perfume endorsed by KARA, (x)clusive is giving you a chance to meet KARA upclose!


Contest Dates: 27 June to 6 July (contest ends at 11:59PM SGT)

Show your love for KARA with creative fan creation! Write a poem on KARA, do a drawing or graphic artwork of KARA, or even a video of you singing or dancing to KARA’s songs, and comment here on this article with the link to your fan creation, together with your Email (in the box provided) and Facebook Name!

Post here in this format:

Facebook Name:
My 2KARA submission: (Insert link of picture, Youtube, or post text if poems or written work)

After posting your submission here on (x)clusive’s page, to increase your chance of winning, post a link to your submission on K5J’s Facebook Wall and get your friends to Like it!

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[(x)clusive 2KARA Contest] (insert your message and link)

All participants must Like (x)clusive & Kara5Jewel‘s Facebook pages to be eligible for winning.

The most creative entry and the most ‘Liked’ entry on Facebook (by the end of contest) will win a K5J Showcase Pass and a Photo Opportunity with KARA each! We will contact the winners via email by 8 July, Sunday. If you have any questions, do tweet us on Twitter!

Do note that this contest is open to those residing in Singapore only.

All the best to all Kamilias!

–The Contest is Closed, thank you to all participants! —

34 thoughts on “WIN! ★ K5J Showcase Pass & a Chance to take a Photo with KARA!

  • June 27, 2012 at 4:21 PM

    Facebook Name: Zaccheaus Soh Jun Hung
    My 2KARA submission: – Its a little story of KARA using their song names 🙂
    Once, there was small town called KARA . The place was old, shabby and poor.
    Nobody cared to try lifting up the status and conditions of this small town.
    However, within this little peice of land, bore the hope of something much greater.
    A world renowned company had combed the entire country for talents to groom. KARA wasn’t left out.
    Posters of auditions were pasted everywhere on the street poles and walls. No one paid attention to this golden oppurtunity.
    But fate has brought 5 young girls together.Park Gyuri , Han Seungyeon , Goo Hara , Jung Nicole and Kang Jiyoung. They all did not have much to their name but there was a burning passion that glew and had drawn them together.
    The girls of KARA made it through the basic talent search and was given the chance to go to the city for the first time for the official auditions.
    Given the small area KARA stood, the girls knew each other but had never spoken. During the journey to the city, they got nervous and opened up to each other.
    They decided to Break it , the poverty their families were facing. They did not want to make a Broken promise to their families. as they entered the Secret World they held one another’s hand and said to each other, “I’ll be there”.

    Soon the day of the grand audition came.’ “Mister”? Where do we report to ? ‘ the 5 girls asked the man wearing a prestigious suit.* He is one of the appointed judges for the audition*
    Looking at the shabby looking dresses the girls wore, he gave a disgusted look.” Do you really “Wanna” do this?” he asked. They remained silent, feeling bitter. The man instructed the wardrobe in-charge to give them better dresses to change into.
    Instead, before their turn , the girls Secretly Secretly changed back into their dresses as they preffered the warmth of the dresses their families had made for them specially for this.
    ” Lets do ” Magic” !” The girls put their 5 hands in the shape of a star and cheered for themselves.
    With the Same Heart of burning passion they performed. They sang and danced their hearts out hoping to appeal. “Aha” finally done. Extremely nervous for the results. They Take a bow and left the stage.
    Never did they know , their song and dance had surpassed many others and shocked the judges. This was the born of the ‘Revolution’

    “”What’s This” sorcery ?” How could girls from a place unknown have such talents? Shocked but happy that they had found people who shared their love for the art. A Good Day was ahead for the girls after a long Wait for the results.
    The girls were congratulated to be going to form a group as was asked to come up with a name for it. “KARA!” they shouted in harmony with gleeful smiles on their faces. So it was ~~
    The crew worked with KARA , had found out that other than being Pretty Girls their personalities were sweet as Honey. Everyone loved them !

    KARA soon got to debut. Their hearts Burn with life, no longer Lonely. Of course they never forgot that their success was supported by their beloveds at home. Love is to them something so powerful which empowered them with the strength to work even harder. Thats what we call Tasty Love.
    KARA was Rollin on the charts and fans growing by the days. Still they decided to make a trip back home, With each other, together.
    On the way back it started to pour. Each holding an ” Umbrella” they recall those Sweet Days they had back here. Their families welcomed them back with open hearts and faces saying ” SOS!” “Baby I need You” but knew they shouldn’t hold them back.
    With full support KARA was back on stage not long after and making evn more Hits!Hits!

    It was time KARA Step it up ! They Wanna Do a song dedicated to their fans who held their backs all these time, less they feel Guilty. “Follow me”! said Seungyeon. She had wrote a song for KARA fans. Always being the Dreamin Girl the song was Missing some lyrics.
    KARA pondered on how to complete the song but to no avail. The day had come to sing this song to their fans but it was still incomplete. They just had to “Do It! Do It!”. ” Dear Kamilia” ! ” Now I say Thank You” to all of you for your everlasting support, this is ” Only for you”. They Whisper to each other some encouragement and let their hearts and mind form as one.
    As the song started , naturally the missing lyrics forms. The dedication and love KARA protrayed touched many. Known to many as ” Super Girl” group, KARA was on their way to biggest success yet to be seen. Showing off what the true Girl’s Power is and always keeping the Speed Up !
    ————– To KARA, ” Girl’s Be Ambitious” and never forget ” We’re with you ” always !————–

    • June 29, 2012 at 11:40 AM

      Hi, we are unable to view your submission, do upload your picture on yfrog, Imageshack or other photo-sharing sites and link it to us again, thank you.

  • June 29, 2012 at 11:42 PM

    Im sorry. This is the updated one. Please ignore the previous entry. Thank you.
    Facebook name: Nur Hazierah
    My 2KARA submission:
    E-mail: Zierah1717@hotmail.comI made a poem about Kara (: Enjoy ^^

    Empty, lost, hollow I feel. 
    Happiness, joy, glee Kara brings. 
    Deep inside me no one knows what is sealed. 
    The 5 goddesses, in my mind they cling. 

    Charming, beautiful, yet talented,
    Isn’t that just perfect?
    My deepest love for Kara long planted
    I mean, isn’t that just a Kamilia fact?

    When times are rough,
    They’re like my best friends. 
    They never fail to make me laugh
    With their funny videos, my time I spend. 

    People say they’re ugly
    Well look closely into their eyes
    What you’ll see is beauty
    Remember, eyes talk about that person and they don’t lie. 

    Every single one of them,
    They have their own talents. 
    Don’t judge people by their looks
    Because in the end it’s the heart that matters. 

    People say they other girl groups are better
    But does it really matter?
    It’s the passion that counts,
    And I’m pretty sure Kara is a full platter. 

    Scandals, they talk about. 
    But truthfully, it’s just love. 
    Let them have their own love life despite the gossiping crowd
    It’s just human. 

    Making my point, I shall say,
    Kara is the best girl group ever. 
    I always trust them with faith
    For they’ll always succeed. 

  • June 30, 2012 at 1:36 AM

    Facebook Name: or Puii อมรชัยยาพิทักษ์
    My 2KARA submission:
    E-Mail :
    I share some experience with KARA with everybody because I would like everybody to know why I love KARA and I can’t stop loving them.
    Also, I would like to say thank you so much that you make KARA and KAMILIA have an opportunity to meet and share the good impression together.

  • July 2, 2012 at 10:32 AM

    Facebook Name: or Puii อมรชัยยาพิทักษ์
    My 2KARA submission:
    E-Mail :
    I share some experience with KARA with everybody because I would like everybody to know why I love KARA and I can’t stop loving them.
    Also, I would like to say thank you so much that you make KARA and KAMILIA have an opportunity to meet and share the good impression together.

  • July 3, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    Jason Ong (才豪):
    My 2KARA submission: Once a kamilia, always a kamilia. These ‘Pretty Girl’ smile makes me ‘Jumping’ around. Their “Girls’ Power” ‘Speed Up’ the ‘Jet Coaster Love’ in my heart. As a ‘Mister’, would love to spend the next ‘Go Go Summer’ and ‘Winter Magic’ on a “Date” with them! Kara is the best!

  • July 5, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    Facebook Name: Candy Putri

    My 2KARA submission:
    Here is my story as a Kamilia :
    I wasn’t really interested in k-pop at all before I knew KARA. I’ve heard of a Korean girl band named KARA, and I’ve heard bits of “Mister”, but my admiration for them didn’t show up until 6 months ago. I have a real experience that really made me such a huge fan.

    So, one day. I was in bed, sick. I had a fever. It was in Saturday, and there was this Indonesian music show that had a K-Chart. So I was just laying down in my bed, feeling kinda weak, while watching tv. Accidentally, I tuned in to the channel, and the hosts said that there was a new winner on the chart, and it was KARA with STEP (yeah, we were a little late, I know. XD). I was curious so I kept watching. The song really has a nice beat, the girls were all pretty. But, Gyuri (my bias until now . Go, Goddess!) and Jiyoung grabbed most of my attention. At first, I thought that Gyuri was past American, or something. I didn’t think that she was 100% Korean, because of her red hair in the music video. After I listened to it for the first time, I really like the song. I swear to God that I felt much better after hearing that song. That song has some magical power! XD. (of course. It’s sung by a bunch of Godesses!). After that, I became more curious about them, I searched for KARA in google. I found out more about them. At first, I was kinda hesitant in becoming a Kamilia. I didn’t want to associate myself as a kpop-fan, because I didn’t like k-pop at all. I think I hated k-pop, and it was because I thought that the music was weird, and so was the style. At first, KARA songs are the only k-pop songs in my computer (now, I have other artist such as T-ARA). I love all their songs, I don’t even know, if it’s because I’m biased towards them. I still don’t know if I like them because of their songs or, if I like the songs because I personally like them. I started to download their songs, and I started searching for them on youtube, and I found out that they’re all funny, and friendly. I like their personalities a lot, each and every one of them. I downloaded the STEP album first, and started listening to the songs in the album, and it’s absolutely amazing. I love every single song in that album. My love for them grew even more. Then, I felt really guilty by downloading their songs, so I saved my money and bought the STEP album. Because there was a misunderstanding between me and the online seller, I ended up getting both the normal version, and the special edition of the album. Strangely, I didn’t feel like I was disadvantaged. I feel like those albums are worth it.. Then, just then Super Girl came out, I started saving money, and I got the first press limited edition B, and it has become one of my favorite KARA releases ever . I realized that I still had a lot of albums and goods that I have to buy. I was planning to get KARADISE 2012. And started saving money. I’m still in high school and my mom gives me pocket money every week. I tried my best not to spend any of my money at school. When my best friends eat during the break time, I usually just sit and watch them while they eat (pathetic, I know XD). My best friends are also into k-pop. But, they like the “big” groups, KARA is not that well known here, yet. So they usually make fun of KARA, saying that their favorites are more famous and basically insult KARA, jokingly. I always try my best to defend them, but sometimes I’m outnumbered XD. I’m a girl, so sometimes they feel that it’s strange that I like a girl-group. I just tell them that I admire the KARA members, nothing’s weird about that XD. So, I saved up some money to buy KARASIA, right? But, then their KARA Je’taime came out. I had to cancel my KARADISE purchase to get the photobook. It was really expensive, since it was the Japanese version. I purchased the Japanese version, then the Korean version came out. I don’t know why, but I bought it too. I owed my mom some money (I’m owing her a lot of money ,now XD). Then, after that, I saved up money again and I got “Jumping”, “Lupin”, “Revolution”, “The First Blooming”. It’s been 5 months since the first time I saved up some money. I really wanted to get “Girl’s Talk LE B”, I had been searching for it everywhere, but it’s sold out. Luckily, someone from a forum in Indonesia sold it, and it’s been used, but it was basically just like new, and still has the photocard. I felt really lucky, then I owed my mom some money again XD. Long story short, I saved up money and owed my mom again to get the 3 version of Speed Up/Girl’s Power. I’m happy to see them have so many releases, but it’s also kinda making me really miserable XD. But, I don’t regret what I’ve done. I know I’m still missing out on a lot of things about KARA, but I’ll try my best to catch-up. KARA albums are the only k-pop albums I have and I’m planning to keep it that way. I’m planning to get the STEP IT UP Korean version next, or maybe the rumored “KARASIA DVD”, or maybe both if I have enough money XD. I have a brother and he always says that he doesn’t like KARA, but I think he just wants to annoy me. Because, everytime I play KARA songs, he always sings along XD.

    It’s been a great experience being a KAMILIA. I didn’t want to call myself that the first time I like them. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I like KARA a k-pop group. But now, I regret it, I wish I knew about them earlier and became a fan earlier. I really admire every single one of them ‘cause I think that they have a quality that other artists don’t have. I don’t know what it is, but it makes them shine brighter than the others (at least in my eyes ). They are amazing girls and they’re crazy. talented. Everytime I feel kinda sad. I listen to their songs or watch their videos, and I feel better. I feel like they’re with me as I go thorugh each day, ‘cause I literally listen to their songs everyday. When I’m doing my house chores or when I’m doing my homework, or just when I’m not doing anything. They’ve provided with much happiness, and I find myself laugh really loud watching them in variety shows. That’s why I want to thank them for filling my days with so much happiness. I feel emotionally connected to them, ‘cause when they laugh, I laugh, when they’re happy, I’m happy, when they cry, I cry, and when one of them is sick or injured, I feel crazy worried about them.. I wish I could see them and told them and also thank them in person, but it’s kinda hard to do that. I wish they would come to Indonesia, and have their KARASIA concert tour here. I’ll be here to wait for them and maybe look at them from afar, Ill be very happy (but not satisfied XD. It’s everyone’s dream to meet their idols and talk to them XD).
    Here is an album of my collection

    email :

  • July 5, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    Facebook Name: Leon Low


    My 2KARA submission 1:
    GO GO SUMMER! Animation Cover

    Viewing through this link in browser may not be in sync and takes a moment to load before playing due to being hosted on a file hosting site, and you can replay at the end of the music:

    For better quality and no lag, download the swf and play with Adobe Flash Player:


    My 2KARA submission 2:
    KARA Nicole’s Fan Art


    • July 6, 2012 at 6:09 AM

      Updated the links of my first submission because I did some refining for the animation clip. Can replace the old post with this if possible. Thanks!

      Facebook Name: Leon Low


      My 2KARA submission 1:
      GO GO SUMMER! Animation Cover

      Viewing through this link in browser may not be in sync and takes a moment to load before playing due to being hosted on a file hosting site, and you can replay at the end of the music:

      For better quality and no lag, download the swf and play with Adobe Flash Player:


      My 2KARA submission 2:
      KARA Nicole’s Fan Art


  • July 6, 2012 at 12:38 AM

    Facebook Name: Lim Daohao
    My 2KARA submission:

    In a secret world far away in KOREA
    There lived 5 girls with a passion for music
    With a group name meaning sweet melody in GREEK
    Consisting of Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Kang Jiyoung and Nicole Jung from Los Angeles, California, USA
    They have achieved no. 1 hits with their songs ‘Mister’, ‘Jumping’, and being the first girl group to sell 1 million copies of their album in JAPAN
    Currently embarking on their first concert tour in ASIA,
    Kara will be in town on 9 July for their autograph session and 10 July for a showcase for the first ever time in the sunny island of SINGAPORE
    To promote their first ever perfume, K5J, which was produced after a trip to FRANCE
    Which makes me go jumping and wanna step on myself to believe that this dream has finally come true!

  • July 6, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    FaceBook Name: Zhang RuiDa(
    My 2KARA submission:

    I made this video myself using A.E during my very short free time(School was busy these 2 weeks)
    the effects are pretty simple
    but of course my love to KARA is definitely way more than that
    they are always on my mind.
    my ringtone, wallpaper, songs I like are all related to KARA

    I submit it for this contest
    and also I hope rest of the kamilias will like it after watching it

    KARA DaeBak, KARA fighting.

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