(x)clusive!: EXCLUSIVE Interview with newly debuted boy group, 7942!

Yes, you’ve got it right! (x)clusive is back with yet another EXCLUSIVE interview with the boys of 7942.

7942, composing of Yoo Haeng Hoon, Jo Hun, Lim Jong Hyun and Kim Eung Joo, may not be a familiar name to many but that does not mean they do not have the ability to make it big. Want to know what 7942 actually means, how they stand out from the other rookie groups and what to expect from them during the Boyz Nite Out concert that is happening on 15 June? Then this is the interview not to be missed.

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Q: 7942 is a really interesting name. How did you guys come out with it? 

The name, 7942, directly translates into ‘Chil-Gu-Sa-Ee’ which sounds similar to ‘Chin-Gu-Sa-Ee” (친구사이) which means ‘Friends’ in Korean. Taking this meaning into account, it means that we want to be reachable like a ‘friend’ to our fans. In addition, having used the international numeric system of Arabic numbers; it also holds the meaning of our hope to reach out to our fans abroad.


Q: Since debut, 7942 has been known as the second 2AM. How do the members feel about this and what is one difference between 7942 and 2AM? 

Honestly, as a rookie group, we’re not really sure if we can take such a big compliment but we are thankful to our fans who think so highly of us as being the next 2AM. In return, we are trying our best to meet up with our fans’ expectations. The one difference that 7942 might have is that 2AM is widely known in the ballad genre, but for us, it was more of a strategy as a rookie group to show off our voices and talent. In the upcoming album, we plan to show diverse sides of the group. So stay tuned!

Q: With so many new groups in the Korean music scene, what makes 7942 stand out? 

Currently in the Korean music industry, a lot of young talented musicians and idols are constantly debuting. I guess as compared to them, we are a bit older and because of this, we have an added advantage of having fans from diverse age groups. On a lighter note, we are also known as the ‘lengthy-idols’ because our average height is 183cm and this undoubtedly makes us ‘stand out’.

Q: Unlike many groups nowadays that have really young members, 7942 members seem more mature. Do you see it as a disadvantage? 

We don’t think it’s a disadvantage but more of an advantage. Like the saying “with age comes wisdom”, we have been through more and had the chance to experience more things in life. So when we are on stage, these life experiences help us express our emotions and it can be felt through our music. 

7942 (from left): Jong Hyun, Jo Hun, Eung Joo & Haeng Hoon

Q: Who is your favourite Korean artist? 

Hang Hoon: My favorite artist from Korea is Kim Gun Mo, who is recognized as a legendary singer. I admire his singing abilities because whenever he sings, he just has this ability to make you feel as though he is talking to you through the songs, making the whole experience very personal.

Hun: I am personally a huge fan of Rain. Not only has he been acknowledged world-wide, he also has this charismatic stage presence. In addition, his musical talents along with his ability to adapt and diversify in the stagnant entertainment industry are what I admire the most.

Jong Hyun: The one and only Kim Bum Soo, with the ability to take on different genres and performing them with a clean cut approach through his soulful voice. He is my idol.

Eung Joo: Acknowledged in Korea and currently creating a phenomena in the international music industry is my idol, Xia. I admire him for his husky and unique voice as it’s really inspiring. It’s also a voice that you don’t commonly find in a musician. I also hope that one day, I can be an all-rounded entertainer like him. 

Q: A song you have been listening a lot to recently? 

Haeng Hoon: I’ve been listening to Craig David’s “This could be love”, because I enjoy the rhythmical melody and it seems to suit the weather in Korea lately.

Hun: Chris Brown’s “Turn up the Music”. Have to love the flow of the music and the dance moves. I really don’t know how Chris Brown could be so smooth and flexible with his dance moves.

Jong Hyun: I used to be in a band, and Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” has a charismatic combination between his voice and the instruments.

Eung Joo: Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings” is a very soulful song. It’s a song that I always listen to wrap up my day after a long day of schedules as it helps me calm down and relax. There can’t be a better song.

Q: 7942 started out being famous in Indonesia even before your debut in Korea. Is there a member in the group that is in charge of interacting with overseas fans? (e.g. Better in other languages) And which member do the members think is most popular among international fans? 

Currently, we’re all individually active on SNS (Social Network Service) like Facebook and Twitter and we have been receiving a lot of great words and support from our fans. We also try to reply back to as many fans as possible. We’re always thankful to our fans and in order to reach out to our fans overseas, we’re learning English and Bahasa now.

Photo By: 7942 Official Facebook
Photo: 7942 Official Facebook

The maknae of our team, Eung Joo, also starred in the Korea-Indonesia collaboration drama, “Saranghae… I love you” so he probably has had the most exposure abroad and probably is the most popular amongst our international fans.

Q: This is your first trip to Singapore as a group, what are some things you have heard about Singapore? And what can we expect for your performance here? 

We have a staff that grew up in Singapore so we’ve been hearing great things about the country. We are also aware of Singapore’s multi-cultural background so the people seem really open minded and is receptive to K-Pop music. We’re really excited to try the food and we get hungry just hearing how good it is. We are looking forward to try Singapore’s two famous dishes – Chicken Rice and Bak Kut Teh. (A/N: This is probably the first time a Korean artiste mention something different and something really local since we’ve been constantly hearing Chili Crab and more Chili Crab.)

As it is our first performance abroad we’re really nervous and excited about it. At this concert, unlike the other groups performing, we will be singing R&B songs. Also, for the first time ever (we haven’t performed this in Korea yet) you’ll be able to see a special performance. (A/N: Could it be that they are releasing their comeback song during the Boyz Nite Out Concert?) 

Q: After promotions of your debut single “I’ll Be Famous”, when can fans expect your next comeback, and what kind of concept will it be? 

We are currently in the process of recording. Our estimated comeback date is set around summer and we’ll be showing a different side from our first debut album. So do stay tuned and look forward to our comeback performance!

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Interested in 7942 but have no idea where to start? (x)clusive suggests you start by listening to the group’s debut single I’ll Be Famous. If you are a fan of ballads, this song will definitely not disappoint you.

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7942 to perform in Singapore at Boyz Nite Out on June 15th

Do stay tuned to (x)clusive as we bring you more updates of the Boyz Nite Out concert, featuring the hottest Kpop boy groups: SHINee, Teen Top, B1A4, 7942 and soloist Jay Park. Tickets are going fast – for more information on the concert, head over here!

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