(x)clusive!: Block B opens for KWC, First Wholesale Mall in Malaysia

Special report out of Singapore, from Malaysia – The Opening of Kenanga Wholesale City Mall cum showcase featuring Korean Hiphop idol group Block B.

A mall with stores selling the latest fashion and a wide food selection is pretty common, but a mall filled with wholesale outlets selling fashion at affordable factory prices? This has got to be a first in Malaysia. If you have visited Korea’s famous shopping area Dongdaemun, you will get an idea of how this new mall, the Kenanga Wholesale City Mall (KWC), is like.

kwc0-1 kwc1

There are 9 levels out of 22 in the mall filled with clothing stores and cafes, but what really catches attention is its Promotion Hall at Level 15, a huge space encompassing 3 levels which can accomodate approximately 3000-4000 people, where the Opening Ceremony cum showcase itself was held at. Mr Bernard Bong, the Managing Director of Kenanga Wholesale City Sdn Bhd, said at the press conference that it will be a permanent concert hall which will host not only concerts but also fashion exhibitions from around the world. Perhaps fans will be familiar with KWC soon, if more concerts are to be held over there in future?


The Opening Ceremony started off with a bang, with an auspicious lion dance performance followed by a fashion show and a Fashionista Competition hosted by KWC. Malaysian artistes such as Geraldine Gan and Jie Ying, both featured on Taiwan’s popular singing competition One Million Star (超级星光大道), also got the crowd swaying to their melodious duets.


Geraldine Gan and Jie Ying

But of course, the highlight of the event had to be the showcase of the boy group coming all the way from Korea – Block B.



Block B has been away from the limelight for quite some time after their abrupt end of promotions for Nanlina (Go Crazy), and thus this event was one that had overseas fans really excited about. Despite the anticipation, only six members turned up from the 7-membered team – without Leader Zico. It did not affect the group’s performance, however, as the other members took turns to share his parts and impressed the crowd with their performance.



Block B performed U Hoo Hoo, Wanna B and Nanlina (Go Crazy), and for encore they returned to the stage with Let’s Get Retarded (by Black Eyed Peas).


A lucky 100 fans who took part in a giveaway on the event’s Facebook page had the chance to receive autographs from all six of the present Block B members after the event ended. Some interesting fan gifts received by Block B include cucumbers (due to Park Kyung‘s well-known dislike for them), photo printouts of funny expressions of the boys (such as their graduation and unglam photos) and more. The members look really amused and seemed grateful to the gifts and support from the Malaysian fans.


Currently Block B has no plans for comeback revealed at the moment, after their recent release of new song “Close My Eyes” for their repackage album Welcome To The Block Re:package. Previously rumoured to have been missing in action due to vocal nodule condition, Zico has showed up at Block B‘s performance at his school, Dongah Institution of Media and Arts College, on 23 May. Hopefully this marks the return of Block B to the Korean music scene soon!

Much thanks to Jazzy Group of Companies and Kenanga Wholesale City staff for their help rendered throughout the event. Stay tuned to (x)clusive for more Korean Pop goodness!

More Photos! (Click to enlarge)

kwc4 kwc-4-2 kwc8 kwc9 kwc11 kwc12 kwc13 kwc10 kwc19 kwc15 kwc14-e kwc17 kwc23 kwc21 kwc22 kwc24 kwc25 kwc26 kwc27

2 thoughts on “(x)clusive!: Block B opens for KWC, First Wholesale Mall in Malaysia

  • June 5, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    I been there it was a very good show , thanks Kenanga wholesale city and Jazzy group bring Block B to Malaysia 🙂

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