(x)clusive!: Get showered with luck at Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting in Singapore

He may not be the best singer nor the greatest dancer out there in the saturated entertainment industry, but one can’t deny his charismatic presence the moment he stands on stage. This is Kim Hyun Joong.

Though this trip marks Kim Hyun Joong’s fourth time in Singapore, Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 was however the first up-close and personal event he had ever had with his fans since the first two trips were for The Face Shop endorsements and the third time for Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Singapore, being the first leg of his Asia Fan Meeting Tour, marks the start of another incredible feat in his career as he sets the record as the first artiste in Singapore to high-five all 3000 people who attended his Fan Meeting at his event the night before.

Fans did not leave the event venue empty handed too as every single one of them had received a U:ZOOSIN T-Shirt and brooch (which is actually a badge), which were specially prepared for the Singapore stop. Kim Hyun Joong’s sincerity could thus undeniably be felt as he wanted his fans to leave his event with not just memories but also something to keep and reminiscent.  (A/N: U:ZOOSIN is a cartoon alien avatar that was created by Kim Hyun Joong himself.)

The fanmeet started off with an intro track Let Me Go as a lead in to Break Down – a really apt and appropriate song to kickoff the event since Break Down was Kim Hyun Joong’s first solo release and it is probably significant to him as it is to his fans. Please was literally the highlight of the concert as he flashed his abs, resulting in endless waves of screams.

Thank You being the first ballad of the night displayed Kim Hyun Joong’s vocals. Fans of SS501 would know very well that he is not the lead singer in the group thus through this song, it is really evident that he has really improved tremendously since his days in the boyband. The man involved the audience as he translated two lines from his song Happiness is… to English and patiently taught the audience so that everyone could sing along with him. And it goes like this “Happiness without you baby, I can’t even imagine it”. He may not have pronounced these two lines perfectly, but surely, those who were present that night would have felt his utmost sincerity.

A sweet little video with regards to what he would like to do for his girlfriend in the future was featured, which included cooking for her, writing a true hearted letter, giving a romantic gift, mimicking scene from a movie and singing only for her. The role of the girlfriend was replaced by this big and cuddly bear which was given away to a lucky fan during the performance of Kiss Kiss. After I am Your Man, Kim Hyun Joong continued with a performance of Smile. He even mentioned that “Do you know you all are really lucky tonight? Because this is the first time I am performing this song. Smile.” An acoustic rendition of Because I’m Stupid was being sung as clips of Boys Over Flower, Kim Hyun Joong’s first major acting stint, was being shown on the screen.

What’s a fan meeting without any fan interaction? 5 lucky fans with yellow slips of paper being stuck underneath their chairs by Kim Hyun Joong himself got to go on stage to play a simple game ‘One Mind with Kim Hyun Joong’. It was announced that there will be only 4 winners for this game so the ‘loser’ during the first round will not receive any gifts. The 4 winners were rewarded with autographed memorabilia. The highlight of it all was when the ‘loser’ appeared during his performance of Marry You. Being the 4D-Leader that he always is, this arrangement was not at all surprising though it did come as a shock to many present that night. Serenading fans during a showcase is nothing new, but serenading a fan on a hospital bed was indeed something refreshing and totally unheard off. No doubt why Kim Hyun Joong was being crowned 4D-Leader by his fans.

Back on stage clad in a red suit after a short video – that was filmed in comic-book style of him striking a fortune thanks to the help of a lucky coin – was being shown, an energetic  performance of Do You Like That and Lucky Guy (remix ver.) captivated the audience. Another round of surprise for the audience when the ‘Lucky Cash’ dropped from the sky. And with his ‘last’ song If You Are Like Me, his fanmeet successfully ‘ended’. Kim Hyun Joong reappeared from the back of the event venue with One More Time as he started his encore stage. By this time, most, if not all in the Singapore Indoor Stadium were already standing up and enjoying his last performance of the night – Lucky Guy.

To be honest, the scale of this fanmeet is liken to that of a full-fledged concert (if there were a few more songs). The effects, the streamers, the laser beams and smoke machines utilized by the production team was simply amazing and worthy of mention. The only regret would be the lack of actual fan interaction. No doubt there were occasions whereby Kim Hyun Joong tried to involve the audience, but something was still lacking since this was meant to be a fan meeting rather than a mini concert. Nonetheless, kudos to Kim Hyun Joong for putting up such a splendid performance that night.

Many thanks to Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore for bringing Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 to Singapore.

5 thoughts on “(x)clusive!: Get showered with luck at Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting in Singapore

  • May 8, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    Thank you so much for this EXCLUSIVE NEWS,yes,he is not the best… but HE is the ONLY ONE WHO ALWAYS SHINE with his sincerely n Amazing performance. GOD BLESS HYUN JOONG

  • May 8, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    The most important thing is Kim Hyun Joong’s voice matches his personality, and all the songs that he sang suited him perfectly. it is just like the phrase ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder” it is likewise the voice and song pleases one’s ear,

    Most importance is Kim Hyun Joong has shown his utmost best to all his fans, the old,the young and middle aged. Kim Hyun Joong loves his fans, to the old as mother or granny love. to the young is sisterly love, friendly love and fans love, he manifested his love to all his fans differently.

    Because of his love to his fans, He always feel accountable to them and this is why he alway wanted to give more. This has make Kim Hyun Joong to think out of the box and become creative and innovative and present an unforgetable concert in Singaoire, all his fans went back with satisfaction joy and happinest in them.

    I percieve a good singer, is one that gives his fans the best, respect and love, likewise to be a good fans, the fans must also respect his idol .

    As for me i really feel that Kim Hyun Joong has a good voice and all his songs especially the ballet song is so ear pleasing . and i enjoy very much hearing it.

    Leader, wish your concert in HK ,Taiwan and China will be more successful and enjoyable.

    Keep up the good works Kim Hyun Joong, God bless you one hundred folds more blessing in all you do and the work of your hands

  • May 10, 2014 at 11:25 AM

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