Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, BTOB and more to perform at Music Matters Live 2012!

As reported earlier via our Twitter, there is an upcoming music festival not-to-be-missed – Music Matters Live 2012!

Music Matters Live 2012
Dates: 24th to 26th May

Venue: In and around Clarke Quay

What’s up for this year’s lineup?

Music Matters 2011 – Crying Nut & Aziatix

Last year Korean acts such as Korea’s iconic rock band Crying Nut and Korean-American project group AZIATIX (read our exclusive interview with them here) performed at the festival, but this year it is just going to get better.

Music Matters 2012 – BTOB, Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, DJ Clazzi, J’Kyun, M.I.B

This year’s lineup includes Cube Entertainment‘s hottest new boy group BTOB (Born To Beat), who made their debut just about a month ago with the song “Insane”, and is already making waves in the entertainment scene. Singapore fans will be happy to know that ahead of everyone else around the world, this will be BTOB’s first ever overseas performance!

Also, a few of Korea’s biggest hip-hop names – Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae will also be performing in Singapore for the first time, together with M.I.B, DJ Clazzi and J-Kyun. It sure sounds like a great show!

Performance Schedule


Korean Night will be held on the 24th of May, at the Fountain Square, featuring all the Korean artists.

Full Schedule with Timings (via NYLONSG)

24 MAY 2012 (THU)

6.30pm – 6.50pm: Dustin McGahee (US)
7.00pm – 7.20pm: Minor Soul (HK)
7.30pm – 7.50pm: Natasha Duarte (AU)
8.00pm – 8.20pm: Rythmking (KR)
8.30pm – 8.50pm: Jkyun (KR)
9.00pm – 9.20pm: BTOB (KR)
9.30pm – 9.50pm: Clazzi +3 (KR)
10.00pm – 10.20pm: Drunken Tiger & T (Bizzy & M.I.B)

11.30pm – 11.50pm: Kate Miller-Heidke (AU)
25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
6.30pm – 6.50pm: Lab the Rat (MY)
7.00pm – 7.20pm: 9 Maps (HK)
7.30pm – 7.50pm: Fire Ex. (TW)
8.00pm – 8.20pm: Warning Birds (AU)
8.30 – 8.50pm: Hill & the Sky (CA)
9.00pm – 9.20pm: Tara Priya (US)
9.30pm – 9.50pm: Gary Nock Feat Myra (UK)
10.00pm – 10.20pm: The Great Spy Experiment (SG)
10.30pm – 10.50pm: Poubelle International (HK)
11.00pm – 11.20pm: Manafest (CA)
11.30pm – 11.50pm: Direct Influence (AU)
26 MAY 2012 (SAT)
6.30pm – 6.50pm: White_ (CN)
7.00pm – 7.20pm: SIXX (SG)
7.30pm – 7.50pm: Peter Katz (CA)
8.00pm – 8.20pm: Orangegrass (TW)
8.30pm – 8.50pm: Earlyrise (IS)
9.00pm – 9.20pm: Roman Foot Soldiers (ID)
9.30pm – 9.50pm: Pandorum (AU)
10.00pm – 10.20pm: Nidji (ID)
11.00pm – 11.20pm: This Sanctuary (AU)
11.30pm – 11.50pm: USS (CA)

24 MAY 2012 (THU)

8.45pm – 9.15pm: Dustin McGahee (US)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: Minor Soul (HK)
11.15pm – 11.45pm: Shimona (SG)
25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: Inch Chua (SG)
11.15pm – 11.45pm: White: (CN)
26 MAY 2012 (SAT)
8.45pm – 9.15pm: Gary Nock (UK)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: Charlie Lim (SG)
11.15pm – 11.45pm: LGF (SG)

25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
9.40pm – 10.10pm: Shigga Shay (SG)
10.30pm  -11.00pm: Jkyun (KR)
26 MAY 2012 (SAT)
8.50pm – 9.20pm: Manafest (CA)
9.40pm – 10.10pm: Direct Influence (AU)
10.30pm – 11.00pm: USS (CA)

24 MAY 2012 (THU)

8.20pm – 8.50pm: Kate Miller-Heidke (AU)
9.10pm – 9.40pm: Warning Birds (AU)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: Natasha Duarte (AU)
10.50pm – 11.20pm: Direct Influence (AU)
11.40pm – 12.10pm: This Sanctuary (AU)
12.30pm – 1.00am: Pandorum (AU)
25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
7.30pm – 8.30pm: Minor Soul (HK)
8.20pm – 8.50pm: The Aftermiles (ID)
9.10pm – 9.40pm: Inch Chua (SG)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: Peter Katz (CA)
10.50pm – 11.20pm: Hill & The Sky Heroes (CA)
11.40pm  -12.10am: Manafest (CA)
12.30am – 1.00am: USS (CA)
26 MAY 2012 (SAT)
6.40pm – 7.10pm: Dropbeat Heartbeat (SG)
7.30pm – 8.00pm: Shimona (SG)
8.20pm – 8.50pm: Dustin McGahee (US)
9.10pm – 9.40pm: Turtle Giant (MO)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: SIXX (SG)
10.50pm – 11.20pm: Poubelle International (HK)
11.40pm  -12.10am: Roman Foot Soldiers (ID)
12.30am – 1.00am: Monster Cat (SG)
24 MAY 2012 (THU)
7.50pm – 8.20pm: Charlie Lim (SG)
8.40pm – 9.10pm: Peter Kaitz (CA)
9.30pm – 10.00pm: Fire Ex. (TW)
10.20pm – 10.50pm: 9 Maps (HK)
11.10pm – 11.40pm: Hill & The Sky Heroes (CA)
12.00am – 12.30am: Midnight Youth (NZ)
24 MAY 2012 (THU)

8.00pm – 8.30pm: Lab the Rat (MY)
8.50pm – 9.20pm: The Aftermiles (ID)
9.40pm – 10.10pm: The Great Spy Experiment (SG)
10.30pm – 11.00pm: USS (CA)
25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
8.00pm – 8.30pm: Gary Nock (UK)
8.50pm – 9.20pm: Monster Cat (SG)
9.40pm – 10.10pm: Pandorum (AU)
10.30pm – 11.00pm: The Guilt (SG)
26 MAY 2012 (SAT)
8.00pm – 8.30pm: The Auditory Effect (SG)
8.50pm – 9.20pm: Midnight Youth (NZ)
9.40pm – 10.10pm: Earlyrise (IS)
10.30pm – 11.00pm: Roman Foot Soldiers (ID)
24 MAY 2012 (THU)

7.30pm – 8.00pm: Peter Katz (CA)
8.20pm – 8.50pm: This Sanctuary (AU)
9.10pm – 9.40pm: Turtle Giant (MO)
10.00pm – 10.30pm: Tara Priya (US)
10.50pm – 11.20pm: Warning Birds (AU)
25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
7.30pm – 8.00pm: Inch Chua (SG)
8.20pm – 8.50pm: The Guilt (SG)
9.10pm – 9.40pm: Natasha Duarte (AU)
26 May 2012 (SAT)
7.30pm – 8.00pm: Hill & The Sky Heroes (CA)
8.20pm – 8.50pm: The Aftermiles (ID)
9.10am – 9.40pm: Poubelle International (HK)
24 MAY 2012 (THU)

8.10pm – 8.40pm: 9 Maps (HK)
9.00pm – 9.30pm: Manafest (CA)
9.50pm – 10.20pm: Earlyrise (IL)
10.40pm – 11.10pm: Fire Ex. (TW)
11.30pm – 12.00am: Turtle Giant (MO)
12.20am – 12.50am: Tara Priya (US)
25 MAY 2012 (FRI)
8.10pm – 8.40pm: Shigga Shay (SG)
9.00pm – 9.30pm: Charlie Lim (SG)
9.50pm – 10.20pm: Lab the Rat (MY)
10.40pm – 11.10pm: The Auditory Effect (SG)
11.30pm – 12.00am: Monster Cat (SG)
12.20am – 12.50am: White+ (CN)
26 MAY 2012 (SAT)
8.10pm – 8.40pm: Dropbeat Heartbeat (SG)
9.00pm – 9.30pm: Shimona (SG)
9.50pm – 10.20pm: LGF (SG)
10.40pm – 11.10pm: Orangegrass (TW)
12.20am – 12.50am: Nidji (ID)

Music Matters Live

Dubbed as Asia’s celebration of ‘live’ music, Music Matters Live features emerging and established bands from Asia and around the world. Music Matters Live, in partnership with YouTube, Facebook and CapitaLand, aims to bring together local and international bands to Singapore, to gain new fans and be discovered. Together with some of Singapore’s best loved and home-grown talents, the dynamic line-up of almost 50 bands hail from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea and more.

With the support from Official Festival Broadcast Partner, YouTube, the festival held at Clarke Quay over three nights will be streamed ‘live’ to a global audience for the first time. Music Matters Live will rock audiences from 24th to 26th May at several venues in and around Clarke Quay with the main stage at the Central Fountain Square.

Music Matters Live 2012 Line Up

Korea – BTOB, DJ Clazzi, J’Kyun, M.I.B, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae

Australia – This Sanctuary
Hong Kong – 9 Maps, Minor Soul
Indonesia – Aftermiles
New Zealand – Midnight Youth
Singapore – Auditory Effect
Taiwan – Fire EX., Orangegrass
UK – Gary Nock, Melodramas

For more information on the conferences and the music festival, visit www.allthatmatters.asia, and we will also be updating this space!

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