(x)clusive!: Boyfriend & SISTAR Press Conference in Singapore

Labelmates, Boyfriend and SISTAR, were here in Singapore end February for a combined Fanmeeting. Already missing these 6 adorable boys and these 4 charismatic ladies? Fret not as (x)clusive brings you back to the day of their press conference.

Clad in black suits, the members of Boyfriend (보이프렌드) entered the press conference venue with cheerful smiles plastered on their faces as they greeted the media with their signature “I’m your boyfriend! 안녕하세요! Boyfriend입니다 (T/N: We are Boyfriend)!”

It is no wonder why they won several rookie awards last year because their professionalism could be seen during the press conference as they entertained the media with their playful replies.

Question: How do Boyfriend find Singapore thus far?

Donghyun: We are actually surprised by quite a number of things. Firstly, it is the cleanliness of the city because Singapore is really clean. Secondly, it is the warm welcome by our fans at the airport and we are really taken aback upon arrival. We really want to stay back for a few more days.

Question: It seems like Boyfriend have Googled about Singapore and that there are some food that they wish to try during this trip. Have Boyfriend tried those food yet and what food are they?

Minwoo: We’ve not tried Chilli Crab yet but we’ve heard so many things about it. Till now, we’ve not given it a try due to time constrains and lots of other factors, but we would really like to try it today.

Donghyun: We would also like to try Laksa because we heard that it’s a rather famous local food.

Question: Since we are talking about food, mind sharing who in Boyfriend eats the most?

(Everyone points to Hyunseong)

Hyunseong: I actually like bread and things that are fattening. My favourite is actually ice-cream.

Question: So do you exercise a lot?

Hyunseong: Yes, I exercise as much as I eat.

Question: Since K-Pop is going global, does Boyfriend know how to speak different languages so as to communicate with their overseas fans?

(Each member of Boyfriend used a different language to introduce themselves. Leader Donghyun greeted in Japanese, Hyunseong in English, Maknae Minwoo in Mandarin, Kwangmin in Korean, Youngmin in Thai and Jeongmin in French.)

Question: This is for the twins, Kwangmin and Youngmin. Can you share with us what’s the advantages and disadvantages of having a sibling in the same group? What kind of boyfriend would you like to be?

Youngmin: I do not see any disadvantage of us being in the same group but the advantage is definitely there as we can be the support for each other whenever we feel down.

Donghyun: As for our group Boyfriend, we would like to be a group that always develop themselves and one group that always tries our best.

Question: Boyfriend won the best rookie in several music awards. How does Boyfriend stand out amongst the rest and can they elaborate what makes a good boyfriend?

Donghyun: What differentiates us from the other groups is that we have diverse characters. We are not sticking to just one trait, but we have both the cute side and the macho side too. I guess this is what attracts lots of people. The most ideal boyfriend type is someone who sticks by the girlfriend all the time and is there for her.

Question: If Boyfriend could shoot their own CF, what would it be?

Kwangmin: I’ve already experienced in being in a commercial and personally if given another chance, I would like to be featured in a drink commercial, partly because I can drink the product while shooting.

The group Minwoo looks up to - SHINee

Question: As a boyband, are there any artistes Boyfriend looks up to and is there any member with unique sleeping habits?

Minwoo: My role model has always been SHINee because I feel that they always have very charismatic stage presence and they always put up awesome performances. They also have very powerful moves and the songs they sing are good. I really love everything about them.

Donghyun: Minwoo talks in his sleep and the unique thing about it is that he talks and he actually answers his own questions!

Question: So who sleeps the most in Boyfriend?

(Everyone points to Youngmin.)

Youngmin: I actually don’t think I sleep a lot. It’s just that I can’t really hear when people try to wake me up, so I end up being the one who wakes up the latest.

Questions: Are there anything the members collect?

Donghyun: For me, I love shopping so I collect clothes.

Kwangmin: For me, I used to love Pokemon and after the fans found out about it, they began to send me all kinds of stuff like stickers and everything that has got to do with Pokemon. It’s not like I’m collecting it, but due to my fans, I’ve a collection of them now.

Question: So what’s your favourite Pokemon character?

Kwangmin: It’s Pikachu.

Question: Boyfriend has tried quite a few concepts. Which is your favourite and what concepts would you like to try?

Donghyun: When we were promoting “Don’t Touch My Girl”, we were all dressed in this army outfit and it is my personal favourite as it is very manly and very masculine. However, as an idol group, we feel that we should not restrict ourselves and we have to show different images to our fans. Thus we will always comeback in a new image.

Minwoo: Boyfriend has always been having the cute and manly image. In the future, we would like to try something more sexy.

Question: Who is the most muscular member in Boyfriend?

Kwangmin: The oldest two are the ones with the best body – Donghyun hyung and Hyunseong hyung.

Question: If Boyfriend has a chance to go on a date, what talent will you show to impress the girl?

Jeongmin: If there is a girl I like, I would love to sing and play the piano for the girl. I will also play a song that I’ve composed myself.

Kwangmin: I will bring the girl out to a crowded place and confess my love to her there.

Question: There are many foreign fans who flew down to Singapore for this fanmeeting. What are your thoughts on this?

Donghyun: We are really thankful to the foreign fans who are coming for this fanmeeting and we are really looking forward to meeting all of them. All of us are also really excited for this showcase later.

SISTAR (씨스타) showed off their amiable side during the press conference as laughter constantly filled the venue.

Question: What are your thoughts on this fanmeet and showcase?

Hyorin: We are really thankful to be here. The fans are really passionate and we are really excited to see that Singapore is actually such a clean and nice city.

Question: SISTAR has really busy schedules. How do they find time to train and maintain their figures since they always have really sexy dance moves in the MVs?

Hyorin: Although we are very busy and we have a lot of schedules, we do a lot of stretching and simple exercises at home.

Question: Since Singapore is a food heaven and good food is something that is very hard to resist, are there any local food that they know?

Dasom: Chilli Crab. We tried Chilli Crab yesterday and it was really good . For me, I was here in Singapore 10 years ago on a family trip  and I’ve tried the Chilli Crab then. Till now, it’s still as fabulous as before.

Question: Since you were here 10 years ago, what are some aspects of Singapore that you can remember?

Dasom: I feel that Singapore is a city that is clean and that the people are as friendly as 10 years back. The only difference is that there are more modern skyscrapers and more buildings that I’ve not seen before. The city is really modernized now.

Hyorin in Dream High

Question: Hyorin is currently participating in the filming of Dream High 2. How is the training in the drama similar to what you have gone through previously? SISTAR has participated in Idol Championships and all of you are really good runners, what’s the secret to being such good runners.

Hyorin: The character, Nana, in Dream High 2 is a little toned down and more feminine. My actual character is a little more lively and bubbly and cheerful.

Bora: Actually we ourselves were surprised that we are actually quite athletic and that we actually are quite good in running. We really tried our best in the games to win, thus I guess that is why we won.

Question: Since SISTAR’s album is titled “So Cool”, tell us what’s So Cool about each member and who has the best curves in the group?

Dasom: As the youngest in the group, I think that all the older sisters are really cool. Hyorin is really cool in the sense that even after arguments with someone else, she won’t keep it in mind and will be all ready to talk to that person again. But if it was me, I will keep it in mind longer than the other members.

Soyou: We don’t think that we are overly skinny and what we do is just exercise a lot in between schedules. When it comes to food, we just avoid all those fattening ones and try to eat more healthily.

Question: Are there anything which the members feel like trying out?

Dasom: I personally am very interested in acting other than singing. If given a chance, I would love to explore different areas.

Question: SISTAR has travelled to quite a few countries to perform, are there any travel tips especially for the skin?

Soyou: We are even more concerned about our skin whenever we have overseas performances because we are in a totally different environment. We’ll also pay special attention to the food we eat and at night, we will try to sleep as early as possible, and also put on facial masks.

Question: What kind of weather do they like?

Dasom: We all prefer warm weather like the weather now in Singapore. In Korea, the weather is really cold so the moment we reached Singapore, we really fell in love with the weather here.

Question: Does SISTAR have any role models that they look up to?

Hyorin: All the girl groups are our role models. However, when we first started out as singers, our first role model was actually Destiny’s Child. They have very powerful vocals and stage performances. They are really talented artistes that we really admire. Thus when we started out as singers, we promised ourselves that we will be like Destiny’s Child, someone who will put up great performances for their fans.

Here’s some photographs of Boyfriend and SISTAR from the press conference day! (click on thumbnails to enlarge)



A big thanks to Launch Group for the event invite! And to see more photos of the press conference, do head here.

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