(x)clusive!: PLAYing with FT Island, PLAYing with English!

Hongki: “Do you know how to say in Korean… I Miss You?” Fans: “Bogoshipoyo (보고싶어요)!” Hongki: “We miss you too!”

Singaporean Primadonnas who hoped to catch FT Island‘s solo concert tour, PLAY! FT Island, in Singapore sure have missed them since their previous trip here in July last year. The wait was not long however as the 5-member boy band put up a great 2-hour show at the Singapore Expo Max Pavillion last weekend on the 15th of January.


Holding the record as the group who “visited-Singapore-the-most”, the FT Island members came prepared to interact with their fans fully in English. Surprisingly enough, they succeeded – the entire concert was “MC-ed” in good proper English, mainly by lead-vocal Hongki and bassist Jaejin. Comparing to their first trip to Singapore, there was a huge improvement; not only did they improve in language, their growth of stage presence and skills were commendable.


The concert started off with a high note as FT Island performed their crowd-pleasing hits I Hope (바래), Bing Bing Bing and Cool VS Pretty. Hongki even practised with the fans for the third song: “When I give you the mic, you say Yeppuh (pretty). Okay? Ye~Ppuh!”

FT Island performed the following hits from their Korean and Japanese releases: Hello Hello, I’m going to have you, Love Love Love, Life, I Want, Let It Go, Flower Rock, Sunshine Girl, I confess, Even Your Tears, That Person In Shinsadong, I’ll Love Everything, 그대는 인형처럼 웃고 있지만, Don Quixote’s Song, Troublemaker and was about to end it with their song for their fans, Primadonna.


The moment they said “Thank you” and left the stage, however, the fans immediately followed up with shouts of encore. As expected, FT Island returned with a strong encore – performing some of their most-loved songs: Love Sick, Bad Woman and their latest release, Like A Bird.


There were various cute moments the fans would have remembered. Hongki‘s attempts for speaking in English brought lots of laughter to the crowd; many-a-time he was laughed at by his fellow members.

Hongki once asked, “Can I speak Korean?”
Jaejin replied, “Why? Speak English! Yeah, you can!”
And when Hongki was at a loss for English words, he gave up and said what he seemed to know best: “I love you.”
Jaejin went, “What?!”
Hongki: “Just… Love you.” bringing up screams from the fans.

Jaejin also made an effort commented, “Nowadays, Korea is very cold… Sometimes snowing. But Singapore is very hot. We know it is all because of you.”


For one who has been following FT Island‘s news for some time, one will know that FT Island had a member who left the group, named Oh Wonbin. Although it has been a few years, the boys did not forget to mention their previous comrade, saying that they hope to be able to meet Wonbin on stage again in future.


The concert ended with all the members bowing to the crowd, and while Jonghun threw final kisses to the crowd, Hongki threw his towel to the audience for momento.


Thanks to One Production and FNC MUSIC for the concert and our coverage – We’ll be uploading photos from the FT Island Autograph Session tomorrow so stay tuned!

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