10 Tips and Ideas for you to enjoy Sundown Festival 2011!

With Sundown Festival concert coming to us real soon this weekend, fans of Teen Top, ViViD, Hebe, Zhang Yun Jing and Show Luo must have been prepared with your fanboards, gifts and plans, right? But how else can you enjoy Sundown Festival? The following is a mini list of suggestions from Sundown Festival to make the event an even better experience for you!

1. Be the FIRST ones to greet the stars!

With the flight schedules fully disclosed at the Sundown Festival 2011 website, there’s nothing stopping you from whipping out those marker pens and glitter, and making your own DYI welcome poster to greet your favourite artistes as they arrive at the Changi Airport. For the more hardcore fans out there… let the “stalking” begin!

Artiste Arrival Date, Time Flight Details
ViViD 24th November, 1740hrs JL 719
TEEN TOP 24th November, 2359hrs KE 641
Zhang Yun Jing 25th November, 1235hrs CI753
HEBE 25th November, 1850hrs SQ877
Show Luo 26th November, 1235hrs CI753

2. Get up close and personal

Organisers have put in place measures to satisfy the cravings of Sundown fans (and no, I’m not referring to food). Instead, fans out there will get the chance to see (and maybe touch) their favourite idols with the special Fan Meet session that will take place on 25 November, 7pm at Square 2. Get your autographs, snap those mementos, exchange high fives with your favourite artistes. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to take home some exclusive souvenirs from your idols. Now add that to your growing collection!

3. Don’t forget your camera!

With tons of dancing and flashing lights, don’t just use your mobile phone to take pictures. Unlike usual concerts, cameras are allowed! Bring a good camera and rest assured that your pictures will be awesome.

4. Snack away!

With the best of Asian streetfood including BBQ Bulgogi (Korean beef satay for the uninformed), Japanese Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake with bean paste filling), as well as savoury Salted Crispy Chicken available at very affordable prices on festival grounds, you can now indulge on irresistible street fare without the need to run to the nearest food outlet and risk missing out on performances. Munch (NOT feast) on delectables at this once a year event – you’ll be silly not to.

5. Grab them festival souvenirs

Just telling your friends that you were at the Sundown Festival isn’t quite enough. Show them the exclusive and limited edition Sundown Festival 2011 tee-shirt available only in red or black, brought to you by streetwear label, STAGE. What’s more, any purchase of STAGE merchandise also entitles you to special STAGE clappers which we guarantee will make your night even more fun!

6. Dress Light!

Two words: ‘heat’ and ‘humidity’. With all the jumping and dancing you’re going to be doing, it’s just a matter of time before you break out into a good sweat, so make sure you dress right for this festival. There’s no point being all cool in your skinny jeans and jacket and looking like you just ran 2.4km. Trust us, the idols hate a sweaty handshake. Chuck the stilettos too, we wouldn’t want to pick your broken heels. Oh, bring a poncho too, just in case.

7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Quench your thirst by getting an ice cool bubble tea available right on festival grounds. Good news too for booze lovers, the Butter Factory has a bar that’s nearby too! (photo ID required).

8. Know where the toilets are

We all know that it’s important to hydrate, but besides your perspiration, all that food and drink has got to go somewhere. Save yourself a ton of embarrassment by knowing where the toilets are. It could be a life saver (especially if you have to go – bad!).

9. Sundown Festival 2011 After-Party!

Engage in some post-Sundown Festival revelry at Butter Factory, the after-party venue for this year’s event. Sundown Festival 2011 may have ended, but that doesn’t mean that the dancing should. Be the first 100 to arrive at the Sundown Festival and receive free entry into the Butter Factory. What’s more, catch your favourite artistes as they dance and party with you in absolute fervour… What more could you ask for?

10. Early birds have more fun

Arriving early is critical to you having a good time. With nearly 5000 other spectators expected, be the smart early bird and beat the mad rush and super long queues.


For more information of Sundown Festival, check out our previous article with full information. Also, read up on (x)clusive’s never-released exclusive interview with T-Max, FT Island and Brown Eyed Girls over here! Remember to follow us on Twitter and Sundown Festival‘s too, for the latest updates for this event! We’ll be covering it so stay tuned!

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