[K-NEWS] What fruits do the Wonder Girls like? A photoshoot to promote K-Food

Wonder Girls, the new ambassador of Korean Food Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, recently had photo shoot at the studio, located in Seoul.

The photo shoot was taken in three concept, white T-shirt with jeans, vivid dress and the picnic concept that shows the image of healthy and hygienic K-food to describe the concept of the promotion “Smart & healthy K-food”.

The five members of Wonder Girls chose their favourite agricultural food for the shooting. Yeeun’s Paprika as well as Sunye’s Korean apple is good for dieting, and Hyerim’s favourite Korean citron tea contains Vitamin C, which is three times more than a lemon and it is preeminent for skin care and helpful for the prevention of flu. Sohee’s favourite Korean strawberry with yogurt or lactic beverage is helpful for calcium intake.

The long hours of photo shooting was taken in the pleasant atmosphere. Also, their professional concentration and talent during the shoot amazed the professional photographer director, Park Jungwoo. He works for the magazines, such as BAZZAR, Esquire, VOGUE and etc.

Various promotional photographs, music video, as well as the promotional campaign songs that were produced in JYP (New York) will be published shortly. The promotional album is of limited edition, and it contains the autographs of Wonder Girls. The albums will be presented during the Korean Food Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries exhibition in various Asian countries, free of charge.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls is gearing up for their comeback on the 7th of November, releasing a teaser event on their Facebook page. “R U READY” for Wonder Girls to return to the Korean music scene?

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