Geared up for SHINee World the 1st Concert this weekend?

SHINee World, or fans of SHINee, are you ready? Less than a week away until the concert, what have you planned for your meeting with 5 bright and shining boys?

Event Information:

Date: 10th September, Saturday
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Various fanclubs have been gearing up themselves with Hand banners, Fan club tees, Fan cheers. We saw links of the fanchants floating on cybespace: here you go, read them well!

Also, seems like Korean media are anticipating it too! Korean TV channel Mnet will be down to film Shawols at work – there will be a flashmob for SHINee’s hits Ring Ding Dong and Hello at the Esplanade this Friday afternoon. For more information, do visit SHINee World Singapore’s Tumblr post.


Also, do remember to take note of the regulations of the concert, for a better concert experience! (via RITS Facebook page)

  1. NO photography and videography is allowed during the concert. This includes DSLRs, Digital Cameras, film cameras etc. Basically nothing that is able to capture images-no recording using iPhones, iTouch, iPads, you take, iConfiscate : )
  2. Fans who are seated are allowed to bring ONE fanboard/ LED board each. Size is restricted to A3.
  3. Fans who are in the moshpit are NOT allowed to bring in any fanboard/ LED board.
  4. All Shawols may bring in ONE hand banner each.
  5. You may bring in an iPad to the stadium but you CANNOT use it to take photos or record any footage (as mentioned above).

Regarding the mosh-pit queue:

  1. Wrist tagging will start at 11am on 10th September
  2. You will need a wrist tag to enter the queue.
  3. For safety reasons, overnight queuing is highly discouraged.

Regarding purchasing or redeeming merchandise(s):

  1. Merchandise redemption will start from 12pm. This refers to people who have already paid during the pre-order.
  2. Sale will start from 1pm.
  3. We will only accept cash and/or credit card (MasterCard/ Visa)
  4. Merchandises are while stocks last.
  5. Those who pre-ordered will need to bring the receipt to collect the merchandise(s).

Ticket Requests?

If you’re looking to buy tickets or selling or want to exchange any, you guys can post your requests here – however, as usual, (x)clusive will not be responsible for any of your transactions yeah.

Have a great time at the concert!


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  3. hi all! due to some personal matters, I m unable to make it for the concert. as such, i have one ticket for sale, block T09, row 17. (5th row from the front) ^^ wish to sell at original price $221. however prices are negotiable, as I really do not wish to waste that ticket and let the seat be empty. rest assured 100% scam free! email me @ if interested!

  4. Where can we pre order the items? :O

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  16. im confused wasnt this last year??????

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