(x)clusive!: TFS’s Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong in Singapore

SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong is back again in Singapore as ambassador of The Face Shop for his ‘ASIA TOUR WITH KIM HYUN JOONG’.

Decked in a beige suit, Kim Hyun Joong was looking flawless as usual as he attended the press conference at Resort World Sentosa on the morning of 19th August. This time around, he is here in Singapore to launch the “FACE IT Power Perfection BB Cream”. As mentioned by Mr Leslie Low from The Face Shop, over a million of the “FACE IT Power Perfection BB Cream” has been sold in a period of 5 months, making it the No.1 BB Cream in Korea.

When asked by the Emcee, Ah Ken of Radio 1003, as to where he went and what he did yesterday, Leader mentioned that he had a very nice lunch at the beach area at Sentosa and he really wanted to visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS), but due to his tight schedule, he couldn’t. He thus wished that after his schedule today, he would have the time to actually visit USS. However, what made him really happy yesterday was when his staff went to USS and bought him a T-shirt that says “Best Actor”.

At this point, Ah Ken randomly added that there is actually a “Best Actor” trophy, to which Kim Hyun Joong replied that he can buy it himself at USS if he visits today. Ah Ken also commented that he is sure Leader will receive the real “Best Actor” trophy one day or his fans will buy it for him and give it to him at the fanmeet later. Our 4D leader obviously replied with a “Now I’m really hoping that one of my fans will get that trophy for me at the meet and greet session.”

Moving on to what he was busy with given that it has been 8 month since his last visit in Singapore, Hyun Joong mentioned that ever since his first visit last year, he’s been really busy with the preparation for his mini solo album and the promotional activities. He expressed that he actually wanted to have a mini concert in Singapore during this visit but his tight schedules wouldn’t allow. Nonetheless, early next year, he’s planning to have a concert in Singapore. Honestly, this is probably an amazing piece of news for all Triple S and Henecians since this information comes directly from the horse’s mouth!

I guess it’s not hard to notice that Kim Hyun Joong actually looks good and despite his busy schedule. Have you ever wondered how he manages to do it? For kim Hyun Joong, he actually doesn’t have a particular skin care regime that he sticks to, but it may be attributed to plenty of sleep and also The Face Shop’s products that he uses. After listening to this piece of advice, wouldn’t it make you want to try The Face Shop’s products to have a picture-perfect face, like Kim Hyun Joong?

It’s also been mentioned in the press conference that a charity auction will be conducted during the meet and greet session later, where his life size standee (winning bid was 2000SGD) and one of his personal cherished items will be auctioned off and the proceeds of this auction will go to World Vision International One Life Fund as part of The Face Shop’s ‘Beautiful Face, Beautiful Heart’ campaign. The said cherished item he mentioned is actually a Limited Edition copy of his first solo album – Break Down. The reason as to why this album means so much to him was because only 10000 copies were produced and this copy that he’s auctioning off, actually bears the serial no. 85 (winning bid was 3500SGD).

The new product line of The Face Shop was also launched:

Singaporean men are not used to using make-up like BB Cream, so what would you do to encourage them to use it?

In Korea, it used to be that men are not used to using beauty products. However, now that there is a shift in culture, men are looking more into taking care of their own skin too, like women. So, Singaporean men can probably start by using The Face Shop products, such as the BB Cream.

How do you keep yourself motivated when the work piles up and how do you relax at the end of the day?

Even though I have a really busy schedule every day, I try to enjoy my work. This is how I find joy and happiness in my working life. I also find joy in having good food, so when I’m here in Singapore, I will try the local delicacies. This is how I keep myself happy and going.

There are some people who actually relax themselves by singing in the bathroom. Do you sing in the bathroom too? Or do you practice dancing?

It’s my job to sing and dance on stage, so when it is my own time to relax, I will prefer not to do any singing and dancing but something else.

If you were to go to USS tomorrow, who would you bring along with you?

If I really get to go to USS, I will bring my staff along with me to have a good time.

If you could create a beauty product, what would you create and why?

If I could create a beauty product, it will be to cater to those with a busy lifestyle, like a mask that you can put on and put make up instantly. It is to save time and I think that such a beauty product will probably be produced within the next 50 years.

What are your top 3 The Face Shop products?

  1. FACE IT Power Perfection BB Cream
  2. E’thym Recharge Essence
  3. Hydrating Mask Pack

For Breakdown, you have the manlier and more muscular image. Was it tough trying to achieve this image and how you go about doing that?

I exercised a lot to prepare for the mini album image. It was tough, but I was happy with the results. I’m going to produce another mini album in October so please look out for it too.

What’s the toughest part preparing for this album?

The hardest part was that I feel very pressured and stressed out because I had to do most of the preparation alone as a solo artiste. However, I overcame it when I saw the support from all the fans and how they liked the new album and the music.

Can you give us some hints of your new album concept and the genre of music?

I can’t release much information here but just to give a little hint, it will be more on funky music that all can dance to and the concept wise will be very different from the previous mini album released.

You’ve acted before, you’ve your own album, what do you hope to achieve this year? Is there something new you would like to try?

In terms of acting and singing, there is still a lot for me to learn and improve on, so before trying on something new, I would like to excel in these two areas first.

How would you describe the relationship between your music and The Face Shop?

Both The Face Shop products and my music make me stand out and it’s something I can express myself with.

Last but not least, (x)clusive would like to thank The Face Shop, Launch Group and Resort World Sentosa for organising this event.

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  • August 20, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    KHJ is definite about his next album being in the Funky music genre. I read somewhere he already finished recording his new songs . When its released I’m sure he would be starting that retro trend . Funky music was popular starting mid-60’s with James Brown and Wild Cheery ‘s Play that Funky Music White Boy. And of course Jimi Hendrix and who else but Prince . KHJ would be back to his roots of bass playing if indeed he will go back to playing and his first love in music. I hope he does -and maybe form his own band as well . Funky music is so good to listen to with the band .

  • August 20, 2011 at 7:20 AM

    Btw,thanks for the pics .I’ve not seen these anywhere.


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