Visit KTO’s Booth at NATAS Travel Fair

It’s time of the year again for yet another installment of the NATAS Travel fair. The 2nd installment of the NATAS fair will be held next weekend from the 26th to 28th August.

 KTO’s booth will be located at 5H22.

Representatives from the following provinces, cities and companies will be at the KTO’s booth to promote their attractions and to answer any enquires that you have about Korea.

Participants in KTO’s booth: Korea Tourism Organization, Asiana Airlines, Jeollanam-do Province, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, Incheon City, Gyeonggi-do Province, Gyeongsamnam-do Province, Jeju Island and Gangwon-do Province.

Activities at KTO’s booth

–          Korean Food tasting and demonstration

At KTO’s booth, you can have a try of popular Korean food like Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), Kimchi, and dumplings. For those of legal age, you can also have a taste of Korean wines like Makgeolli, Soju and Bokbunja.

–          Photo Taking Booth

Take a photo with the winter-themed background at KTO’s booth

Korean Performance on Main Stage

The Drawing:Show Hero will be staging short performances at the main stage for this NATAS fair.

Drawing: Show (HERO) presents mind-blowing skills and special effects that will take you to a world beyond your imagination. Animated 3D drawings, instant dust drawings, glue animation and light drawings are all part of an amazing story told through drawings. In additional, a special technique that illuminates interiors and architecture in ways one could never imagine are incorporated in the Drawing:Show. It’s a fun performance for everyone of all ages!

Drawing:Show [HERO] Performance Timing at the Main Stage

Friday (26/8) and Saturday (27/8): 1.30pm & 5.30pm

Sunday (28/8): 1pm & 5pm


For those visitors of the NATAS fair, who have book a tour to Korea with any travel agents participating at the NATAS Travel fair, head down to KTO’s booth and redeem a woolen scarf. (one adult/child per item) Simply just bring the receipt and show it to the staff at KTO’s booth for the redemption.

For those who are intending to travel to Korea this autumn, be sure to check out (x)clusive’s previous post on Autumn Getaways in Korea for some ideas on places to sight-see.

For those planning for a free & easy holiday to Korea this Autumn? Purchase a free & easy package or air ticket with these 4 participating travel agencies: Chan Brothers, MISA Travel, CTC and Price Breaker and you will get an exclusive free Korea Travel pack that includes:

  • Free Korea pass with credits worth KRW 20,000
  • Korea Pass Information Booklet
  • 24k Gold-plated Mobile-phone radiation protector sticker featuring Hallyu Star Rain
  • Korea Travel Guide Book & Tourist Map
  • One Lucky Draw Coupon
  • Korea Travel Guidebook

Source of information: Korea Tourism Organization, Singapore

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