[KPOP] B1A4 endorses Big Cola and releases fanclub name “BANA”

On the 28th of July, rookie Korean boyband B1A4 was in Thailand to attend ‘Big Cola”s Press Conference, to mark the launch of the new size of the package coasting 10 baht to be sold only in 7-Eleven in Thailand. Appointed as the Ambassador for the drink known as Big Cola, the boys not only turned up at the press conference, but also filmed a CF called ‘B1A4 BIG COLA’ with May-Pitchanath, Big Cola’s Brand Ambassador. The concept of the CF’s concept is ‘Big Cola no caffeine’ and will be aired for the first time on August 1st.

Before the event, some fans even did a cover dance for OK that looked pretty good!

At the press conference, B1A4 displayed zero distance with their fans – a lot of fans were attracted to them by the great fans service they gave. They performed their debut track “OK”, and a lot of fans mentioned that they were looking forward to their first Overseas showcase in Singapore this coming week.

Q: How do you feel about Thailand?

Jinyoung : We arrived very late last night, and I didn’t expect this many fans would come to see us! I was very impressed. Even though we arrived very late, many fans still came and held fan boards for us. I was very happy.

Leader Jinyoung

Q: How do you feel about being Big Cola’s presenter?

Baro : Actually, we love drinking cola. To be Big Cola’s presenter makes us happy. Thank you for choosing us to be the presenter.


Q: How was the CF recording with May?

B1A4 : We’ve heard that May is a superstar here. We’re very happy to work with her, and the CF recording went very well.

Youngest Gongchan

Q: Do you know that May is very popular in Thailand?

B1A4 : Yes, we’ve heard about it before.


Q: Were you shy to work with such a sexy girl?

B1A4 : She’s very pretty. Sometimes we’re shy but May’s very good to us so we felt so comfortable.


Q: What’s the most impressive thing you feel about the Thai fans?

B1A4 : We just met Thai fans yesterday but we feel very welcomed. Fans held boards with our names, and we’re very happy. Whenever we see the fan boards, we can feel that they did them with their hearts.

Q: What’s your ideal type of girl?

CNU : I like a girl who can take care of me very well.

Sandeul : I like a cheerful girl who always does her best in everything.

Baro : I like a girl who can understand me well. Talking with her can make me feel more comfortable.

Jinyoung : I like a girl who looks only at me, loves only me.

Gongchan : I like all kinds of girls.


B1A4 Fans are officially named as BANA

Also, on the 1st of August, B1A4 celebrated their 100 days from Debut, and they also released their fan club name. Fans of B1A4 will now be named as 바나 or “BANA”; BA being B1A4 and NA being the fans (Na means ‘me’ in Korean). It’s also a short form of 반하다 or ‘Banada’ that means “fallen in love with”.

The name was thought up by Leader Jinyoung, and from now on fans of B1A4 will also be called “BANA” by the boys themselves. So Singapore BANAs! Prepare yourselves for B1A4‘s first overseas showcase in Singapore! If you would like a glimpse of how the showcase will be like, do read our coverage on their MTV Match Up Showcase that happened last week in Korea!

B1A4 will arrive in Singapore on the 7th August, 1PM on KE643 (via normal exit), and their showcase will be on 9th August, Singapore’s National Day at 2PM. For more details on their promotional events in Singapore, read this post.

Much thanks for Reer Media for the article and photos for the Big Cola endorsement article above!

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